Cannot update BIOS - GA-MA785G-UD3H

Have new build and try to update BIOS from F1 to F4 using @BIOS. Goes thru whole process and says it updated BIOS but actually does not. Tried using Q-Flash from floppy but when tries to start update from floppy get message "BIOS ID Check Error". Have tried over and over and cannot get to update thru either method. Any help appreciated.
AMD Phenom II X2 550
Windows 7 Professional
8 gb Kingston Hyper X
Everything else seems to be working fine. Just cannot get BIOS to update.
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  1. You might actually have a bad BIOS file; I trashed my board, not once, but twice, due to a corrupt BIOS file; I couldn't believe it could be bad, as it appeared to pass the checksum procedure... Try redownloading (is that even a word?) it to confirm...
  2. I use the windows flash program; have had good luck with msi and biostar's programs. I won't go back to the old floppy method.
  3. from:


    This cannot be stressed enough. I cannot recommend using it AT ALL with all other available options

    I have seen many Boards killed (IE: Bricked, that is your motherboard is now a brick and you will have to RMA your board) by using @BIOS. I would guess that more then 90% of RMA's due to a bad flash, were because of @BIOS alone.

    Yes it may work for you once or twice but if you keep using it you will find out the hard way it is not a good idea. Windows based flashing has always been looked down on and likely will never be a accepted or recommended method to flash a BIOS

    A few @BIOS "Bad flash" notes will be below

    Now that the Much needed warning is out of the way, onto the subject at hand
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