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Okay here we go

I have recently upgraded to a 4670. I went for the ASUS EAH 4670. Stuck it in the mobo ran the disc for the drivers. Sat back and was amazed at the performance increase compared to my old Geforce 8500 Gt (1gb) card. Used it for a few days no problems in fact everything was wonderful.

So as a good computer user I thought that I had better check for more recent drivers and unsurprisingly there were more upto date drivers out there. Asus site got these drivers and utilities:

ASUS VGA card display driver version 8.60 for Windows XP
ASUS Smart Doctor version 5.38
GamerOSD V2.06.0829
ASUS Video Security version

Cleaned out all the old drivers/utilities clean install.

Display driver now did not seem as good images not quite as crisp but could be my imagination. What was not my imagination was the problem with AA (anti analys
ing) with it on in certain applications it caused some interesting affects were it was perfect before. so I turned it off in those applications. I lost some quality but I did not have weird floating semitransparent hair (you could see each graphical layer separately) amongst other things.

I can live with these things. What I can not live with is what then started to happen yes BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It happened maybe 3 times each time mid application (various games) and it gave me a there may be a problem with the GPU bios possibly connected to auto shading, might have been shadowing can't remember.

I have not touched the bios that the card came with I checked for bios updates when updating the other drivers/ utilities but the one on the ASUS site quotes a different part number than what is on my card so, knowing that flashing an incorrect bios onto anything can seriously screw it up I did not update. Also the bios update was to resolve a crossfire issue therefore not applicable to me.

Okay so lets check what settings I have on it and shadowing/ shading settings. Went into CCC checked for an update and low and behold there was one so I thought that may fix it so again uninstall clean install. To this :

ATI Catalyst™ 9.5 Display Driver for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition (from AMD site)

AA issue seemed to be resolved but 10 minutes later BSOD same error message. And this whilst running a very low graphic requirement application namely Pes 2009 which you could almost run on a calculator at full spec!

The obvious answer is to just wipe all the utilities and drivers and go back to the supplied ones on the disc ( if it aint broke don't fix it may never have been truer) but before I do and there is no guarantee that BSOD is not around the corner, I may just have been lucky avoiding BSOD at the start.

Before I do this however is there some simple solution i.e. unchecking/checking some box on the settings. I must admit I got a bit click happy with all the customisable options. I have reset everything to default but there may be something I missed. Any advice greatly appreciated.
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  1. What kind of power supply are you using? That might be your problem

    According to ati.amd.com, you need at least a 400 watt power supply for the 4670.
  2. 400w checked on Asus (asus mobo) site popped in all my spec mobo , and stuff on mobo, including GPu obviously and it came back with 400w recommended.

    This GPU does require more power than the old 8500 gt but I should have capacity and I think it is more likely a driver/ set up problem 'cos I got 3 days no problem before I started messing about (sorry configuring for optimal performance :lol: ) with it.
  3. Just to update and finish this thread off in case anybody wants to use it for reference.

    The problem seems to be fixed but this is only based on about 45 minutes of testing last night.

    Uninstalled all drivers/ utilities and then made sure everything was cleaned out with driver sweeper, even using the official uninstallers there is often still a lot of stuff in there.

    Reinstalled drivers and utilities taking care to make sure installed in the right order and rebooted between each install were normally I would install sequentially but not reboot until after running install wizard for the final application.

    All seems fine in fact the best results graphically so far.
  4. Well if you didnt use drive sweeper in safemode you still have Nvidia drivers on your rig and are having conflics.
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