Weird DVD problem

Help guys,

i have a problem with my samsung DVD drive. i have 2 DVD drive, asus and this samsung.

normally i just use the asus drive to do everythings, and this samsung drive just for

read if only the asus can't recognize some disc. so its very rarely to use the samsung


i just realize this problem while try installing ubuntu 10.10 or any other live cd linux

because its halted while trying to read the disc or even to recognize this samsung

drive!. they (linux live) always point the same error from ata1 which is my samsung

drive.i need to unplug the samsung drive so i can go on to continue installation.same

result too while trying to booting after linux installation,it said my ata1 drive "to

long to respond".

i checked in my both windows xp and 7 are no problem to boot,but can't read any disc, cd

or dvd,empty or filled.(the led drive keep blinking forever). even the ImgBurn (burning

program) failed to start,its takes forever just to initialize the drive, and i need to

manually reset my computer to end this.

so i assume this is hardware issue than the OS problem, but not the lens problem,because

its rarely to use ,so i downloaded the firmware and flash it, my default firmware are

SB00 and flash it to SB01 and SB02, but still not solved the problem. canging the IDE

cable, set cable to master or slave, and set jumper selection to master-slave-

cable_select still no result...

oh btw the samsung drive is SH-S202H (IDE).

any idea guys...
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  1. It sounds like hardware failure to me. Just because it has not been used much doesn't mean that it wont pick up a fault. If you have another machine you can test it in pull it out and confirm that it is the drive and not the PC itself.
  2. I had a similar issue with the PATA DVD drive on a Vista computer. After changing cables, jumpers, etc., the problem was finally traced to the IDE controller on the motherboard. To solve this, I replaced the PATA DVD drive with a SATA DVD drive, and now things are fine.

    In your case, it is either the DVD drive, OR the IDE cable, OR the IDE controller on the motherboard.

    You may want to consider the option of a SATA DVD drive.
  3. Hai guys,

    yes i am sure that this is hardware failure, because its just fine on first, but suddenly problem later. i do checked inside by disassembly the drive,looking for any suspicious broken electronic part or lines, but everything looks smooth perfect. i also confirm that another IDE dvd drive works well on my machine, so thats mean no problem to my motherboard IDE controller. i'm just so curious what make my samsung drive goes wrong and how to solve it.

    any other advice guys?

    oh, Merry Christmas everybody,
  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    DVD drives, like other electronic components, do go bad and fail sometimes. Glad that it is not the IDE controller on your motherboard. These drives cannot be repaired (cost of repair is prohibitive). They are inexpensive and available for around $20 each.
  5. yeah,

    but still.. i'm so curious why this is happening suddenly (and silently), guess i just unlucky,got bad product,.. at least i'll tearing apart the lens, :D first.
  6. Be gentle! LOL
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