Network card doesn't work at 100Mb

I'm using Intel(R) PRO/100 VE network card on m/c with UTstarcom (WA3002GA Router) for networking .

my machine was working fine with 100mbps connection but due to system crash we have to reformat and reload the OS now it is working fine with 10mbps speed but fail to work on 100mbps speed.

on auto detection status show connected but it fails to receive any data

can any one guide...

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  1. Power off both the PC and the router. Then power on the router followed by the PC. Does it connect at 100 Mbps? If not, is it set for half-duplex or full-duplex? If auto doesn't work, then try setting the speed and mode manually.
  2. initially th e setting was on auto detect, when we were nit able to connect with network we were froced to set on 10Mbps full duplex now it is working on the same setting.

    still we wondering if the original setting can be restored ...
  3. The speed probably is determined by the router. Can you set the PC to Auto (or 100 Mbps full-duplex) and then connect it to a different port on the router?
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