Screw Dropped In Case, Can't Find It, Problem To Leave In?

Murphy's Law, section D, sub-title IVa: any falling part will always lodge itself into the position where it can do the maximum amount of damage...

Back in the early nineties, had a friend drop a screw, nut, and washer into a roughly twenty thousand dollar industrial DC Servo drive rack; looked for three days, recovering the screw and nut - couldn't find the washer to save his life... Decided, after much discussion, that it must have fallen out of the cabinet, and finally powered it up - washer must have been lodged on or in one of the power supply fans (of course, at the bottom of the rack), blew up into and through the assembly, taking out four of the six drives on the way, in one blinding flash!

Was me - I'd pull the motherboard and power supply - and look & shake some more!
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  1. I'd love to find a way to one-up bilbat... but I can't. Take his advice!
  2. I dropped a screw in my case, and I can't seem to find it, plus if I did locate it, I don't think I would be able to get it out. I have tipped the case upside down and side to side, plus stuck a magnetic screw driver in there poking around, yet no luck. Like I just spent five hours installing my first after-market cpu cooler (Scythe Mugen 2), and I think I would loose my mental stability if I had to remove it again.

    Is it cool if I just leave it in there, even when the computer is on? I am afraid that since it is probably in direct contact with the motherboard, when I turn it on, the screw might fry it.
  3. haha yes thank you. I did end up unscrewing then taking out the mobo. After that I had a better vantage point and was able to locate the screw. It only took some tweezers and I got it out. Thanks though
  4. Ah hrrrmmph,,Remember stupidity has it's own reward,,,now,,, you do not really want to waste all that time and money,do you...???.:)
  5. Now you can sleep soundly at night, having foiled Murphy! (...but, rest uneasy - because Murphy never sleeps...) :p
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