New SATA hard drive detected in BIOS but not in win 7


i'm trying to add two brand new and identical 2TB WD Caviar Green hard drives for additional storage only. my motherboard has 4 SATA ports which i use for

- C: / D: 1TB primary boot hard drive divided in two partitions (works)
- E: DVD drive (works)
- F: new storage only 2TB hard drive (works)
- new storage only 2TB hard drive (detected in BIOS but will not show up in windows 7)

what confuses me is that both hard drives are identical and i did not have any problems installing and formatting the first one at all. i obviously connected the second one correctly as well since it's showing up in BIOS, but windows just will not detect it. it's not showing up in Disc Management, i also tried scanning for hardware updates in Device Manager -> Disc Drives which also failed, and a thrid party partitioning program (EASEUS) won't recognize it either.

any ideas?

thanks in advance
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  1. try to swap the drives
  2. Quote:
    it's showing in BIOS but did you enable the ports they are connected to.?

    can you give me an idiot proof step by step on how to do this?
  3. patiently waiting... :hello:
  4. Quote:

    Find Your Drive You Installed Here
    Right Click on the Drive -> Uninstall

    before i do this, will this erase the contents of the hard drive?
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