Need help building a small gaming pc

alright so my current setup blows, its old, i was planning on ocing but i blew my other hd so decided not to mess with it,
Case: 102$
no link but its an antec 900

Processor: 194$

Video Card: 165$

RAM: 239$

Motherboard: 77$


PSU: 105$

HDRIVE: 75$x2=150$

Keyboard: 23.75$

DVD Burner: 35$

most of the links prolly wont work because apparently most of my stuff are outdated or discontinued :(

but thats besides the point, after spending a year lugging my huge case from my house to my dorm and back during breaks, i want to make a gaming pc thats in a small case like but im not sure if i can make a good gaming pc with such a small case, like would quad core, or w/e is the new hip cpu (i thought i7 was an operating system ) any way if you guys know if small cases like those are capable of holding good parts?

i dont want to ask you guys to build me a whole setup but if you feel the need to , please do :hello:
my price range is ~$1000 but if its more let me see and ill see if i can afford it, getting a job for the summer
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  1. you may have a hard time putting a standard ATX PSU in the apevia case. once you put the DVD drive in there isn't much head room for a longer PSU then the one that comes with it. I prefer the cooler master elite 360.

    it's pretty small and light weight. plus it will take a full ATX mobo and Power supply. also it will accept a wider range of CPU coolers then the apevia case will.
  2. i did see that but i dont know how big it is, from the newegg pictures it seems like any other tower? or is it much smaller then it looks?

    would microatx be simply too small for what i want to use it for?
  3. well there is only 1 microATX corei7 board. but for core2 builds micro atx boards would be fine. However be sure to find a case that will take a normal ATX power supply. By volume the elite 360 is actually a hair smaller then the apevia. (1424 cubic inches vs. 1481 cubic inches.) Just to compare the antec 1200 measures in 3885 cubic inches.
  4. well i dont need an i7,i feel a good core 2 or quad core would be fine,
    what are the differences btwn microatx and atx? is it just size?
  5. Well i do up SFFs/mATX rigs (some workstations others gamers) a lot so my suggestion, $69x after ship+MIR:

    You'd want to go single decent GPU set up as the idea of heat built up inside a small casing due to CF/SLI in a no no. The use of modular PSU promotes neater cable management hence facilitates better air flow in a confined case
  6. My buddy builts custom gamers for people on occasion and has used this case twice. It's REALLY solid and just awesome. I highly recommend it over the Apevia case.

    Also, none of your links above work. Can you fix them?
  7. The difference between Micro ATX and full ATX does come down mostly to size. However many of the better overclocking boards will be full ATX. Also ATX boards will have more expansion slots available. On the plus side many micro ATX boards will come with onboard video. Great if you want to build it and get the GPU later.
  8. i guess since i wont be overclocking , or if i do it would be at a later time, microATX should be fine?
    hey batuchka, that looks real good, and best of all cheap, could i swap the case with jay2tall's suggestion and would it still fit?

    also ive never gone amd and im a bit skeptical, how good is that phenom II?
    and whats the difference between the gtx260 you have shown, and this one

    and do you guys feel like this is a good ranking of gpus?
  9. That topic is more than 5 months old and badly out of date.
  10. ah i didnt evne notice
  11. Well depending on games/settings the GTX 260 is doable for 1920 x 1080 gaming so depends on how hardcore a gamer u are hehe Thats a bit steep for a case but if it really catches your fancy go for it! PSU also seems overpriced when for single GPU set up a Corsair VX550 is plenty ^^ All in all if i want to pump $8xx for a Phenom 2 SFF/mATX gamer i'd be pretty disappointed if i didn't at least hit a GTX 275/HD 4890
  12. so you think this is a better psu?
    i just chose that psu cause it said most ppl got it along with the case haha but also ppl were saying go modular for psu in a SFF, but is this psu modular? not even sure what that means eh

    but i agree, if im going high end cpu, i do feel pretty bad if i dont get an equally high end graphics card, i just dont know what is highend or not lol
    so then id go with this graphics card
  13. Gaming rig = 75 % GPU dependent...for now ^_^

    Things a changing...
  14. is this psu good? its much cheaper then the 160 one and its modular
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