OC'ing past 2.4 on E2160

Hello , i need a bit of help with stabilizing my old E2160 1.8Ghz @past 2.4Ghz (right now im on 2.4 running smoothly for over 2 weeks). Im using it on a P965 chipset (Asrock P5B-DE) that it's said to be a very good OC platform and after i read some articles here about this particular CPU (have the Conroe version not Allendale) going @ 3.0Ghz with no voltage changing i went straight away to get that reference but it wont boot in windows (7/32b) without giving me a BSOD (error STOP: 0x00000124) everytime , and that's about 10 secs after it loads if im lucky (safe mode maybe 1-2 minutes)...
So i started from 2.4 then to 2.7 (a FSB of 300x9) and the RAM (got 2x1 GB Kingmax DDR2 800 running in dual channel , problem is with the 2nd module that AIDA and CPU-Z reports it's MANUFACTURER being a freakin' NEVER HEARD BEFORE chinese copycat named NANYA <<almost as in the chronicles of NARNIA , great T.T) always set below 800Mhz limit , timings according to it's frequency by SPD done in manual mode; it wont boot in win on this setup also even if i lowered the RAM's frequency @ 667 with it's according timings.

THE TEMPERATURE is not a problem even when i had my BOX'ed Intel HSF running @ 35°C @3.0Ghz (BIOS) and still bought an aftermarket cooler (CM Hyper 101 U-PWM) just for the need of extra cooling ^^

Need some PRO tips on this as i really need that 3GHZ SPOT for my GTS450 since the system get's bottleneced by this old Dual and thx to Tom's review on exactly this model OC i saw some real FPS boost from 1.8Ghz to 3.0Ghz terms of FPS.
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  1. valentyn0 said:

    THE TEMPERATURE is not a problem even when i had my BOX'ed Intel HSF running @ 35°C @3.0Ghz (BIOS) and still bought an aftermarket cooler (CM Hyper 101 U-PWM) just for the need of extra cooling ^^

    Yes, it is a problem. If you are checking your CPU tempature with the BIOS, you are checking idle temps. Under load, the temps will go much higher. You will need better cooling.

    Look at our generic guide:
    Core2 Overclocking Guide

    At 2.7 GHz, you are already running a 50% overclock and maybe the chip just cannot go faster.

    Asrock uses the same BIOS scheme as Asus does.

    Clear the BIOS and go back to stock settings. The E2160 runs at 1.8 GHz (200 MHz X 9). So at stock speeds, you need to manually set your RAM clock to 400 MHz (twice the FSB freq). So at 2.7 GHz, your FSB freq will be 300 MHz and your memory clock should be at 600 MHz.

    It sounds like you are mixing memory - even if it is all the same brand. Let's try to take the memory out of the equation. Increase the RAM voltage to 2.2 volts if it isn't already there. Relax the memory timing (4-4-4-12 to 5's-15 or 5-5-5-15 to 6's-18).

    You can increase the core voltage up to 1.5 volts as long as the load temps stay under 70 C. Use a program such as CoreTemp or RealTemp to monitor your CPU temps realtime under load. Use a program called Prime95 to load both cores to 100% of capacity. Monitor your temps constantly. Prime95 will maximize the CPU temperatures in about 10 minutes.
  2. Thx for replying , im not new in OC just to let u know , i've read all the oc guides out there , nothing knew to me; got no problem with temperatures , trust me on that.
    When i used orthos, prime the cores temp dont go over 58 (on stock cooler ) and 51 on aftermarker cooler and the overal cpu temp at 45 max (heavy load + other programs running in background); about the memory thingie , that's the problem since all my previously BSOD's were concerning memory code errors but after i done a cmos clear (not that u told me since i did this 2-3 days ago) started fresh and now just a simple code error that i mentioned earlier , some say it's cpu related some say it's memory related, dunno but why should i overvoltage the ram since i always get them under the max specified frequency when OCing over 2.4 (using different memory dividers like 533/667/800 not 1/1.5/2.0 on other mobo's BIOS). Although i tried to give them even 2volts for nothing i went for VTT , northbridge , southbridge also , nothing worked. Once i used auto timings whe OC past 2.4 and the timings changed to 4-4-4-12 (very aggresive ) on 800Mhz (DDR when my default SPD timings for that are 5-5-5-18! that didnt even let me boot up to windows , it wen straight to cardiac arrest...pfft

    Any suggestion from someone that know this chipset well? running latest bios but this mobo gives me lots of problems with what should had been a smooth sail to 3.0 gig spot !!!
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