Insalling nes ssd

hi all,
i have just purchased a vertex 2e ssd and am wondering how to go about my installation, this is the first time i have ventured into ssd so dont want to muck it up.

to set the scene
- will be installing windows 7 64bit (clean install)
- mobo = evga 790i

from what i gather here is how you do it
1: install the drive physically.
2: enter BIOS and enable ACHI mode if you have it, (depends on how good your mobo is)
3: install windows, allowing windows 7 to format the drive by itself, it will do this automatically one you have selected the unformatted V2E.
4: once booted run WIN 7 experience which will setup TRIM and other setiing for you.
5: download SSD tweeker, utility which changes windows SDD setting with a one click. On google.
6: you may wish update your HD/SSD controller drivers.
7: make sure defrag is off

questions i have
do you install drivers for the ssd?
which port do i need to use on my mobo?
what should i turn off to improve life/performance of drive (i understand defrag is a main one)

if any one has another information i should know about the please let me know as i will be doing the install soon.

thanks to all replies in advance

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  1. Looks good. There is an intel rst driver for intel mobos which is better than the stock win7 achi driver. I'm not sure if there is something similar for amd based boards. Might look into it as this needs to be installed during win7 install (ie hit f6 during install).

    The only other 'tip' that you have not written here is that you should disconnect the other drives (spinners, etc) during install. To be honest I'm not sure why but it may have something to do with win7s ability to configure your ssd properly.

    Sata port shouldn't matter. Nobody like jmicron controllers but the difference should be minimal.

    Defrag MUST never be run on the ssd (and why would you?). Win7 will disable it during install.

    Drive life is not an issue for 99% of users. I will not live long enough to kill my ssds (at least my computer won't). Just use it. You can save space (and therefore life?) by disabling hibernation if this is not something you use.
  2. Do a clean install of the OS on the SSD
    Install all programs on the SSD that you use most of the time.
    Move your Documents folder to the HHD.

    Rather than try and parrot steps by step instuctions here are some links to the steps and by doing so, give credit to the person that wrote them. [...] ndary.html [...] ndary.html

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you randomizer!
  4. Thanks to all that have contributed to the posts on setting up new ssd's for the first time. i've learnt so much i never even thought of and probably would have had issues if i had not done a search.
    i do however have a few more questions about setting up a new ssd.
    i've recently purchased a asus p7h55-m/usb 3 mobo. it has 6xsata 2's and 2xsata 6g.
    i've bought a sata 6g adata 64gb and want to install it in the sata 6g port.
    in bios i see the 6 sata 2's and to access the setup for the sata 6g's i have to go to '3rd party storage configuration' menu. as i would like to utilize the sata 6g capabilities.
    i can set the marvel controller to ahci mode.
    also what about all the other settings like 'LBA' 'block transfer' 'pio mode' 'DMA mode' 'smart monitoring' '32bit data transfer'

    as stated above my board has a marvel controller for the sata 6g. do i need to install drivers during win 7 install? and the intel driver i think for ahci, when do i install them?
    any other info please advise
    thanks from the warmest place to be in winter - durban, south africa.
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