[ECS] A790GXM-AD3 BIOS problem

Alright guys, I need some advice. I recently bought a A790GXM-AD3 black edition mobo and Phenom II 955 from the egg. Long story short, if I shut the computer down after adjusting ANYTHING in the MIB II (clocking/voltages) the system will power up but not boot. I have to clear the CMOS and then its fine. If I dont mess with anything in the overclocking bios the problem never happens, I can shutdown and reboot without needing to clear the CMOS. To be perfectly clear, it is not an issue of overclocking, I can keep the stock cpu setting but simply enable the changing of the values and the problem will arise. I tried reflashing the BIOS with both available versions on the ECS site but it had no effect. I replaced the battery on the mobo just to eliminate it as a cause. I put the sys togeather last night so its not an issue that came about after extensive use. So anybody got any ideas? Just a bad mobo? Ask for a refund from the egg and go with a better mobo (MSI, Asus, ect)?

For referance my related sys specs are
Windows 7 64bit OS
Phenom II 955
A790GXM-AD3 mobo
6GB DDR3 1333
OCZ gameXstream 700w PSU
MSI GTX 260 OCv3
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  1. Confused

    "To be perfectly clear, it is not an issue of overclocking..."
    "If I don't mess with anything in the overclocking bios the problem never happens"

    Alright, I'll bite what is it you are not doing.
    Can you be any less/more specific?
  2. If I were to take the CPU, for example, off of an auto setting but keep the cpu at a stock multiplier/frequency/voltage, then I would have to clear the cmos after I shutdown the computer. Not sure how to explain it any better than that, but its a moot point now. I am RMAing the board as I went out today a bought a Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P like I should have done originally and the system works flawlessly now. Lesson learned, stick with know quality boards
  3. hi ..Ran into the same problem when i first got the same combo (amd 955 + ecs a790gxm-ad3....stumped me for a minute but finally figured out the core voltage is set at 1.55v when it needs to be at 1.35v. 1.35v will o.c. up to 3.5 ghz stable as far as ive tested it though . i have heard of some one stable at 1.35v oc'd to 3.8 ghz on air cooling ....but i am not going to push it. if u need help hit me up at , i have extensive experience with this mobo cpu combo.....still run it and its a screamin demon
  4. Salam!!!
    can i run AMD PhenomX4, 8950, 2.5GHz, Socket AM2+, on a Motherboard of AM3 socket???????????
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