Blue dots on screen? Help.

So when I boot up my computer these blue dots appear all over my desktop, if I scroll over them they all dissappear (you know like when you group multiple items on the desktop) it only happens when I boot up the PC and it doesn't always happen, and it's not on the login screen, only on the desktop.

I did overclock my video card before but it's not overclocked now, and I geuss it has gotten hot some times, I think I remember seeing it hit 82C once, but now it's 65C under load and 50C idle, and my second video card is always in the 40C's underload.

I also have two video cards in crossfireX, they are ATI 4830's, and they are practically touching each other, one of them get's pretty hot some times 60-70C nothing above that.

What could be the problem?
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  1. 82 degreess is totally fine.

    I think its your display driver having issues.

    Rerun the installer form ATI and uninstall ever display driver and reboot. then reinstall form scratch. you should be fine after that.
  2. Alright, I think maybe I screwed it up from overclocking?

    Although EVERYTHING in game is perfectly fine, been playing crysis 5 hours straight today and not one single glitch, only happens on startup on desktop.

    Will reinstall drivers.
  3. prolly not overclocking...

    if windows is acting weird and games arn't, that s a sign that something deep down on the windows side of the driver is wrong.

    tell us what happens after a reinstall.
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