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I own a Gateway GT5034 computer with a AMD Athlon64 x2 4200+ motherboard. This unit is far beyond the warranty and thus Gateway won't help me resolve my issue without having to pay for tech support. My issue is that I recently used my recovery CD and rolled the tower back to factory. I have downloaded and installed the chipset and processor drivers from their site for my motherboard. I updated everything on my computer using one of those driver update programs (Driver Cure) as well as updates from microsoft. Ever since my computer has been running at only 1.0 ghtz according to my system properties and it should be operating at 2.2 ghtz. After I noticed this I uninstalled the updtated drivers and reinstalled the ones from gateway's site, but it is still operating at 1.0 ghtz. Can anyone offer a suggestion?
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  1. BTW I am operating Windows XP on my system.
  2. That may be the cool and quiet feature, try running something cpu intensive and it will kick it up to it's speed, doesnt sound like you screwwed with the bios, so thats what it should be.
  3. Make sure you have the dual core optimizer from AMD as well. This could be your problem
  4. Sounds like cool n quiet, basically your processor downclocks to conserve power and produce less heat when not being used to its full extent. Windows Xp, at least in my experience, likes to list the downclocked speed in the system properties rather than its actual speed.
  5. Either way, youll need that dual core optimizer
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