Heating problems in ATI radeon 4570

I bought dell studiio15 which has a ATI Radeon 4570 graphic card. While playing games for like 2hr at a stretch, it is really hot below the touchpad. I would appreciate suggestion on cooling solution for this graphic card.
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  1. well my best friend just added a second 4870x2 1gb to his comp..... the only thing is, is that it gets HOT. The best way to do it would to go thermal but not everyone has that money the second way would be to do what he does..... use many fans... you can buy those spot fans off of newegg. they clip on to whatever and you can move them anywhere in your pc. =)
  2. Check the Egg for notebook coolers.
  3. o wow i just realized u were talking about a notebook lmao ty coozie u really made me look retarded =)
  4. We all make mistakes, as the Dalek said, climbing off the dustbin (trashcan).
  5. i was just paying attention to the g card is all lol wasnt thinking
  6. Ok... I own the same Dell laptop... Its the Studio 1555... And FYI, its not the graphics card which is causing the problem... I contacted Dell about this and they said its the processor or some other integ. component... They are still in the process of figuring it out...

    Try flashing the BIOS update which was released this week and observe...

    SO far no major results for me...

    the graphics card itself is cool.. And with that heat level, I have run my Studio for 72 hours non stop... It worked without a single hitch! Not even a cooling pad required!!!

    Now thats technology!!!
  7. @ phoenix 83

    man ur so damn correct! thats technology that dell gives for so less money!

    i mean,its ok,it does get hot under the touchpad,but hey the lappy works fine,the thing is,of late i've been up all nights playing nfs carbon for hours on end,couldn't even keep track of time,but must have played 6-7 hours of that game one day(rather night i guess) and the lappy did get hot but hey the miracle happened! if its not in the chargin mode,then after first 30-40 mins,the rest of the 1 hour it all goes cool

    try that,in unchargin mode

    studio 1555 is goddamnably good laptop,good value for money...
    i just wish i had enuff moeny to go for t9400 processor and an nvidia graphics card
    even the wifi link thing inside it is good in catching connections

    but hey am still happy

    ps:sorry for the digression

    P8600,2.4ghz,3gb ram
    hd 4570 512 mb ram
    dell stdio 15
  8. hi.. i also own a studio 1555. I bought on January 2010. It also having the heat problem. So, do u mean i just need to upgrade my BIOS and then the problem solved?

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