GTX 295 + 650W PSU

Hello there,

The Corsair 650W TX PSU.
Is it enough to drive the GTX 295?
It says it delivers 52A over the 12V rail, but at 624W.
That means if the other rails do, indeed, take their 180W that they need, the 12V rail will actually only push ~40A.

Is this enough for the card?

I'm guessing not, because my 3dmark Vantage result was ~9k (for GPU tests).

If not, should I get 750 or 850 PSU?
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  1. Yes it is more than enough. I have this card with the Corsair 620W for more than 5 mouths with no problems. :)
  2. ^ you fed a GTX 295 to 5 mouths?

    damn, I wonder how they taste.
  3. Yes I have it from Jan 8.
  4. Thanks MichaelMk86

    Do you have 3DMark Vantage? What numbers do you see?
    Here's what I see

    It's pretty low.

    In actual games, my laptop (t61p with Quatro 570M card) performs about the same on Empire: Total War and Dawn of War II.
    This makes me think something major is wrong.

    But, I have no idea where the problem lies.
    It's been suggested that it's the power, but I guess not, although I'd love to see what benchmarks you're getting out of it.

    Once again, thanks in advance.
  5. Best answer
    I am sorry I do not have 3DMark Vantage. Do you have crysis benchmark to compare?

    Q6600 @ 3.2GHz , ASUS P5K-VM G33, GTX295

    Crysis benchmark:
    1680x1050, noAA, veryhigh, DX10 -------- 44fps avg
    1920x1200, noAA, veryhigh, DX10 -------- 38fps avg
    1680x1050, 8xAA, ultrahigh, DX9 -------- 53fps avg
    1920x1200, 2xAA, ultrahigh, DX9 -------- 54fps avg
  6. I don't have Crysis benchmark, but will buy the game, and download the tool, so I can see what happens.
    It won't be until the weekend, though.
    Thank you very much for your help so far.
  7. So, I am a complete tool.
    It was the BIOS. The version that came with the (PREBUILT!) system didn't support the 955 BE.
    Anyone experiencing the same issues, there's a great article here, explaining how to update Gigabyte BIOS.
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