Hi Guys

Could you guys tell me if I have this correct.

Sata 2 is capable of 3 gb/s data transfer
Sata 3 is capable of 6 gb/s data transfer

Now when I bench my drives, my Raptors will score 250 mb/s.

So given that, it doesnt matter which port I stick them on because they are miles behind what the ports can handle.

I also have a couple of Sata 3 drives, but they also do not go much past the 250 mb/s.

So what Im trying to figure out, doesnt matter what port you stick any hard drive on because the drives arent capable of reaching any of the ports speed.

That is also true for the SSD/S, they advertise data transfer speed of say 500 mb/s so they also are behind the ports capabilities.

Am I correct or have I got something confused.

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  1. You are correct, the hardware is behind the ports capability. Basically the same as with GPU's they can not use all the bandwidth that the interface has available for them.
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