Help blue screen, computer will not display anything now

Hello everyone,

my problem started when i wanted to overclock my cpu.
I tried putting the frequency to 250 mhz. (200 original)
i got an error and it booted changing the frequency to 200.
everything was fine. Then i installed gygabite's easy tune 6 it asked me to restart. I did.. and i got the "blue screen of death" after logging in. I restarted and same thing like a minute after logging in. I then downloaded reg cure. and installed it and scanned for errors, but the blue screen popped up again. After that my computer will not display anything. All my case fans and cpu fan are working. please help
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  1. Good Lord.

    Can you get into the BIOS? If so, try to reset the clock speeds back to the default settings.

    Worst comes to worst, there should be a command to reset all settings back to the factory defaults. It will wipe out any changes that you made as well (potentially) any that your system manufacture made. You will have to go back through and recheck the settings.
  2. ^^
    hey thanks for the reply!
    no i can not get into BIOS... I just get a black screen.. i took off all cables and my cpu and installed it again.. nothing.. still a black screen.

    I was thinking of buying a new cpu. Will that work. or do i have to buy a new mobo also?
  3. could u give some specs of ur rig?
  4. gygabite GA-MA74GM-S2
    amd 64 x2 5000
    corsair 400w
    4gb ram
  5. i tried booting with one memory and i got the bios menu then i got a screen with a bunch of smiley faces.. i reset and now im back again to now video when i boot..

  6. Smileys eh?

    After you fix the virus. what graphics card are you using?

    I am concerned about the 400W PSU, especially if you OC.

    EDIT: Oh, it has integrated graphics. Never mind about that PSU question.
  7. yea... i dont know how i can remove that if my computer wont even boot to the bios screen
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