Do i need to update realtek audio manager

Hi ~ I have a DVD-RW drive. I can play and hear CD's fine but the computer will not play DVDs. Everything looks fine under Device Manager and says everything is working fine. I read online where a person couldn't play DVD's and someone told them to change the audio settings to "stereo". . I'm assuming that is the Realtek audio manager. The person did this and said they can watch DVDs now. I went to mine and I don't have a stereo option. It was on 5.1 and goes as high as 7.1 but there is not a stereo option. Do you think I need to update the RT driver so I can get the "stereo" option? Could this be my answer of why I can't play DVD's? I don't want to do the wrong thing as I also read of people doing this and it messed up their computer.

Your advice would be appreciated.

My system is a Compaq Presario SR1920NX desktop PC.
Windows XP-service pack 3

Thanks ~
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  1. does it show video but just has not audio? I would not go messing with sound options, those really don't have anything to do with dvd playback. it's possible that the Drive no longer functions properly.
  2. Do you even have a DVD player program in your computer?
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