Windows experience index on windows 7 gives a 5.5 for memory

hi all
this is a question about the windows experience index on windows 7

these are my scores
Processor : 7.6
memory (RAM) : 5.5
Graphics : 7.1
Gaming graphics : 7.1
HDD : 5.7

Hard drive i can accept but the memory being 5.5, wtf??

does anyone know how to fix this? should i increase the ratio of it in the bios? I thinks its on 8.0 next one is 10.0
I have tryed to before but it comes up with a warning saying that the memory voltages are set high. what could i do to fix this problem?

any help would be good
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  1. Why do you think you have a problem? You don't.
    Have you run CPU-Z yet? What values did you get on the Memory tab?
  2. I have the same problem, my mem is 5.5. maybe its because im using 2gig only.
    on Vista my mem is 5.9 but for win 7 its lowered to 5.5.

    win 7 details my score
    proc 5.6 (amd 5000x2 black edition) - not overclocked
    mem 5.5 (corsair twin 1gigx2 xms2)
    graphics 6.5 (8600gts 256 ddr3)
    gaming grapics 6.5 (8600gts 256 ddr3)
    hdd 5.9 (seagate 1t 32 mb)
  3. No its not because you gopt only 2 gig of ram its because your fsb of your ram is low like at 800mhz for example for better result buy the more you can and it depend on your processor fsb and your motherboard maximum fsb also
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