Help on which video card to use 4870x2 or 9800gt

Hey I was wondering if anyone can advise me. Dell just sent me a new XPS730X and it has a ATI Radeon HD 4870X2 PCIX16 (1 gig of video) and i was supposed to have 2 gigs of video ram. So i called and they are sending me 2 Nvida 9800GT PCIX16 with 1 gig each with brdige so i can run them together. Is there any chance that the ATI card would be better than both of the Nvida cards ? Thanks for any thoughts on this I am not really sure when its comes to all this stuff
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  1. The HD4870 X2 will perform similar to the 9800GTs in SLI.
    The 9800GT is not on here, but this will give you a good idea.
  2. Well, you fell for the marketing...

    The 4870x2 DOES have 2GB of video RAM, however, its only 1GB for each GPU.

    The X2 should be a bit faster than 9800GT in SLi. Alot faster at any resolution higher than 1680x1050.
  3. Yeah keep the 4870x2 its a much better setup than sli'd 9800gts.
  4. Go with the 4870x2
  5. Your two 9800 GT's will have the same issue as the 4870 as far as total video RAM, each card has 1 GB but must maintain an exact copy of all the same data, so in effect you 'only' have 1 GB of VRAM. On the other hand 1 GB is probably mroe than enough...

    Dell really should train its CS reps better if they let you do an exchange rather than getting someone to explain that the same issue would exist with any combination of SLI/XFire
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