Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W Power Supply with 4850

as you can see

i don't know if i should get this power supply or not, it has a great price but some reviews say it's ok to bad like 2/5

i need some information on how it'll do, will it work, how long it'll last

please and thank you

the video card is a ssapphire hd 4850

and power supply is Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 500 W
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  1. Cooler Master is great for PC case, even the best... but their power supply are nothing but trouble.

    OCZ ModXstream ps should be in your price range.
  2. what about this?
    OCZ StealthXStream 500W Power Supply??
  3. i really need your guys help on this one

    i got a HP m9250f

    8600gt video card 350watt power supply
    quad core 4gb ram
    intel G33 chipset
    Asus motherboard

    but now i'm looking forward to changing the graphics card and i just wanna know if the coolermaster extreme power plus 500 watts is good enough to power the HD4850

    ps i'm on a low budget here
  4. Get an HD4770 instead and you shouldn't need to upgrade the PSU.
  5. The real issue with changing the power supply in your particular PC is, does the HP case have (or have room for) a standard ATX power supply?

    First, CoolerMaster's Extreme Power PSUs are pretty crappy. Their RealPower Plus models are much better, and their UCP-series is darn near tops.

    I've had excellent luck with an Antec EA430 power supply, and I like Antec Earthwatts PSUs far better than both the other options. I own a CoolerMaster RealPower Plus RS-550 PSU, and it's not bad at all, but not really great, either. A buddy of mine has a StealthXStream 500, and it's pretty much on par with my CoolerMaster, other than the CoolerMaster having two 6-pin PCIe connectors. My EA430 puts them both to shame as far as silence and stability under load are concerned.
  6. ok i already have a 4850 and bestbuy/futureshop has expensive power supplies

    while canadas computers may have some that are in my budget but as you guys said that they're ineffective

    i don't care how crappy it is, i just want it to work efficiently and survive for perhaps 2 years with the hd 4850

    any suggestions?
  7. Here's what I suggested: Antec EA430 from (Canada)

    Here's a link to a bunch of $50-$75 (Canadian), 80-Plus rated, quality PSUs at I'm sure you can find something in that list that will suit your needs.
    Just make sure to check they have PCIe connectors, as some may not have any, while some may have two.
  8. i already got the ocz stealthxstream 500 watt but thx for your help

    the real problem i'm encountering right now is how to remove that stupid 8600gt from my motherboard, it won't budge no matter what, screws off,

    tried pulling the lever in the back, maybe i'm doing it wrong but i don't know
  9. Perhaps this will help. Some cases have small slots that the narrowed tip of the mounting bracket slides into, and they're usually very tight. If yours has these, they should be visible either from the rear of the case or along the slot section, next to and slightly behind the edge of the motherboard. I had one like that once, and it gave me a similar problem. I took a flat-head screwdriver, placed it against the end of the bracket at the rear of the case, then tapped it a few times... gently. It loosened the card up and it came right out.
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