Burnt DIMM sockets or graphics adapter??

Hello. I have a problem with my computer as it won't boot.I tried to switch it on this morning and a startup recovery appeared.I immediately shut it down (dunno why :pfff: ).I opened the case and checked the RAM and the video card.When i powered it later all i heard was 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps , and i smelled something was overheating.I looked it up and found that it may be a problem with my graphics adapter.
I tried my roommate's memory and video card but still nothing.I tried my 2 1gbddr2 memory cards and my video card on his computer and it worked.
Could my RAM sockets be burnt or is my graphics adapter screwed.I certainly don't want to change my motherboard only if it is necessary.
Could u please help me on this? :)
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  1. Well, your graphics and ram work on his computer-they appear ok.
    What's left motherboard, power supply?
    From what I remember a startup recovery indicates a prior boot fail, did someone use your computer without your knowledge or was it left on- then shut itself down and attempted a reboot then turned itself off?
    It sounds like PSU or motherboard.
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