MegaRAID x64 in PCI 32 slot?

I have a new MegaRAID x64 PCI controller that I would like to use with a couple of Fujitsi U320 15k 147GB SCSI drives in a Dell Dimension T1500 workstation. The Dell only has 32-bit PCI slots. What kind of functionality can I expect? Thanks.
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    This should answer part of your question (whether it will work at all).
    Please pay attention to the voltages section of the thread so you don't fry anything by mistake, but you should be okay as you are using a newer system.

    As to how fast, there is only one way to find out. RAID 0 will be faster than RAID 1 though.

    If you can live without video speed, go with a PCI video card and swap out the PCI-X card for a PCIe card.
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