How to overclock p8p67 pro

i got the same thing going on but my problem is getting the ram to run at 1600 MHz whit out havening problems when i boot it will tell me over clocking failed why is that can some one help me out ?
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    that my current system just showing you guys some number hard drive and ram and video card i will be upgrading but for now it stay like that i have more than 4 hardrive
  2. sorry - so have you solved the problem?

    If not - Look in the SPD tab in CPUz. The XMP-1600 column shows the base requirements for your RAM to run at 1600. I say base because you might be able to reduce the timings later. But for now, make sure everything is setup correctly, most importantly make sure the VDimm is set to 1.650 volts.
  3. You are having problems because you are overclocking using the BCLK setting, which Sandy Bridge doesn't like. Reset the BCLK to the default 100MHz and overclock using the multiplier instead.

    Read this good guide for P8P67 overclocking.
  4. no one oc the block the pop67 mobo has a different bios if you want to oc only on espesific thing it will allow you to do so and the ram actually runs at 1.60 v for 1600 maby you should se the bios for the mobo any type of oc is giving problems when i reboot but whit out doing so the hole system runes whit out no problems the problem that theres something makes the system unstable at boot also my rams are to be ruining at 1600 that is the factory clock on them
  5. Look at the CPU-Z window in the CPU tab. The "Bus Speed" is at 103MHz. Sandy Bridge doesn't like it when you overclock that. That's also why your "DRAM Frequency" in the Memory tab is at 824MHz instead of what it should be (800MHz).

    Reset the BCLK setting in the BIOS back to 100MHz and then try overclocking the multiplier. You shouldn't have trouble then, assuming you read the guide I linked in my last post.
  6. i never change the bus speed of the cpu it is as it came form factory only thingi clock was the rams from 1333 to 1600 :pfff:
  7. It doesn't matter to me whether you did it or some putz at the factory. The BCLK is STILL overclocked to 103MHz. Reset it back to 100MHz.

    And if you haven't already ... upgrade to the newest BIOS.
  8. manuelars said:
    i never change the bus speed of the cpu it is as it came form factory only thingi clock was the rams from 1333 to 1600 :pfff:

    list all the settings you have change in bios and i will help you OC this thing to 5.0 if you want
    looks like most of this experts here don't know jack,or you can PM

    and the specs,always post your specs
  9. I'm just telling him what I see. The pic in the second post shows the BCLK is at 103MHz, and that could easily be his problem. Even if it came from the factory that way, it should be changed back to 100MHz before attempting any other overclock.
  10. no this is not the problem,it will fluctuate do to bad setting in bios
  11. the only thing i change was the r ram speed in bios my rams are 1600 corsair dominator but when i do so it will give me oc fail when i boot after truing the pc of also and i am using normal turbo mode because it will do the same thing
  12. how hard it is to post your settings..dude? (type it,take a screenie,etc)
    sounds like bad RAM memOK it will reset your ram to stock 1333
    Do not overclock RAM yet, let it run at stock frequencies. RAM is not like it was on previous platforms, it can run at 1333mhz and you can do 5.2ghz after you establish your oc you can bring your ram up to speed
    read this guide ,and if you still have questions read the one below
    remember on asus platform you want all turbo and C state enabled,good luck
  13. OK dude for the last time i am not trying to oc the CPU just want the dam system to run whit turbo crap and rams at 1600 how they are supposed to but i keep on getting some dam error saying over clock failed and it dose not hapen just whit the ram but turn the dam turbo bust crap on
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