Very Quiet, powerful Gaming PC for 500-700 pounds help please

Hello again guys! Time to upgrade my 9 year old pc! :bounce:

I'm literally quite stuck on how to build a very quiet pc but packs a big bang in gaming and multitasking. I did have an idea on what I was going to build last week but the more I read into it the more lost I seem to be getting!

I need your help to design a pc that is quiet as possible and powerful enough to cope with a 26" HD TV monitor with gaming resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 on games like Crysis and multitasking in the background.

Ok, to give you a head start I want to use a crossfired Sapphire HD 4770 GPU (£150), Antec P182 case (£95) without PSU; because it's supposed to have great insulation and cool airflow, Samsung SpinPoint T 500GB (£55) - Hardrive.

If you have the spare time please post your design spec suggestions! :wahoo:

Oh btw I don’t need a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers or software (including OS). My buget is £500-£700 and is to include those items above (which you can change if it design requires it but won't comprimise performance!)

Thanks for your time guys! :bounce:
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  1. I dont mean to dissapoint you,but there is no way you can play crysis at 19x10 and multitask at the same time with a 1000$.

    The dual 4770's seem good to me,though you would maybe like to look at a triple core phenom X3 720 BE or even a phenom II X4 955.

    Last (but not least) i wouldnt go with a samsung HDD.Try a western digital caviar green that produces almost no sound.
  2. The GPU's and case are a good choice, but I would get the WD6401AALS hard drive, its faster and a little bigger.

    Then get a PII 720 and 790x motherboard and 4gb ddr2 1066 ram

    A good PSU to go along with that setup:

    And a cooler to overclock the CPU:

    That's like 670 if my math is correct inc VAT.

    Another option to bring down the price would be to get the Antec Sonata III case/PSU, its pretty quiet and comes with a decent PSU that would be enough for those GPU's. The P182 is very nice though.
  3. Fantastic Advice! :wahoo:

    Looking into what you said as we speak! :bounce:
  4. Lotta Brits that post here...
  5. Check out silentpcreview for info on quiet stuff.

    The P182 I own is quiet, and I like the design. I recently added a Xigmatex cooler that took away some of the quietness I achieved by replacing the case fans.

    Watch out for the GPU coolers - my 4870 is the single noisiest piece of kit in the box.

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