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Just installed a new Intel X25 80GB SSD (merry xmas to me ^_^). Here's my current setup:

500GB, partitioned into:
* 25GB NTFS (c:\, win7 install)
* 150GB NTFS (e:\, tools)
* 300GB NTFS (f:\, games)
* 25GB Ext3 (openSUSE)

I tried using Acronis to migrate my C drive to the SSD, but Acronis would only migrate the entire hard drive at once and not a single partition of it.

Alternate method? I'm assuming just using TeraCopy to move everything over and then setting the new drive as the system drive is a bad idea. Also, I'd prefer to reinstall only as a last resort.
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  1. You basicly have no choice but to reinstall, there are problems when you don't with ssd's.
    To transfer an image with the OS on it onto a new drive, you have to image the whole drive, including all partitions. Acronis will fit it onto a smaller drive as long as the amount of space used by the files is less then the capacity of the new drive.
  2. Quote:
    my opinion, too many damn partitions...
    you're better off with adding actual HDD or two with the SSD..

    Can you explain why too many partitions are bad?
  3. Quote:
    RAM allocation..

    I didn't know this.
    Can you be be more specific?
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