Radeon 4870 DVI Problems

Running Win Vista 64-bit, Core 2 Duo E6550, Evga nForce 680i LT mobo.

I just purchased an MSI 4870 1gb. It has one VGA, one DVI and one HDMI port on it.

I have it hooked up to a 22 inch LCD (main) and a 19" LCD.

I used to have both hooked up to dual dvi's when I ran an 8800gt and they ran fine.

The card runs great except for the DVI port. When I plug my DVI cable from either flat panel to the DVI port on the 4870 I get no signal no matter what I do.

I am running Catalyst 9.5 and I can't understand why I can not get this DVI to work.

I have checked the "Reduce DVI frequency on High-resolution displays" and it does nothing. I also checked the "Alternate DVI operational mode" and both together also doing nothing.

I have also tried 59, 60 and 75 MHz; they do nothing either

However if I use a DVI-VGA converter and use the VGA connection on the LCD it works ok on either at 59, 60, and 75hz, looking the best at 75hz.

Eventually I would like to have the 22 hookup with HDMI and the 19 with the DVI. But I need to get this DVI working....

Does ANYONE have a fix for this????
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  1. I heard that CCC 9.5 had some issues, not sure myself though. You might want to try getting another version like 9.4, did you completely remove ALL the Nvidia drivers? You can also use a program called drive sweeper to clean up the drivers.
  2. MMmmmm... i've got similar issue..

    My vga lcd monitor do not get any signal when connected to second dvi port with adaptor while first port has dvi lcd monitor correctly working.
    They both works when i put vga lcd monitor on primary port and dvi lcd monitor on second.

    I'll check downgrade to CCC 9.4.. AKM880 thanks for notice.
  3. Hey folks,

    I'm encountering the exact same issue.

    I have an Asus Radeon 4870 HD. 2 DVI out ports.
    I have been testing on 2 screens: 22" LCD Monitor (DVI-in, VGA-in) and my LDC TV (HDMI-in)

    The issue began after I replaced my dying PSU (I went from a 450w to a 700w).
    I was running a older version of Catalyst .. the exact driver version is unknown.

    So here are the scenarios after testing:

    DVI-out (vid card) --> DVI-in (Monitor) = "No Signal Detected"
    DVI-out (vid card) --> HDMI-in (TV) = "No Signal Detected"
    DVI-out with VGA adapter (vid card) --> VGA-in (Monitor) = Works (I'm typing this forum reply with this set up)

    The current version of Catalyst is at 9.8.xx and I'm currently using this.

    From what the other replies to this thread are implying, it sounds like its more a driver problem then a hardware problem.

    How far should I downgrade my drivers to fix this issue?
  4. Im having the exact same issue with my ASUS 4870.

    I was able to get the DVI working by plugging the DVI cable into a projector, booting into windows and then changing it over to my LCD monitor (acer al2416w).

    However as soon as you try and change the resolution in windows it goes back to no signal.

    I think it is more then a driver issue as it happens before windows drivers kick in.
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