Which graphics card do you recomment for my pc?

I have a dell xps quad core computer - @2.4 ghz

I heard that the graphics card they included wasn't that good - it is an ATI Radeon HD 4670

Firstly, do you think it is worth upgrading my graphics card?

Secondly, which graphics card is worth having

I have just bought Crysis/Crysis 2, and have looked at the Geforce GTX 295, will it run fine on my pc? I think the PSU is 425W, is this an issue?

Let me know people, as I want to make the right decision!
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  1. No, not unless you upgrade to a good quality 600w PSU (Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling).

    The best card I can recommend is the HD 4770 for your current PSU. On average it is about 6% - 7% slower than the HD 4850, but it consumes 55% less power than the HD 4850 (50w vs 110w). Overclocked, it can equal or exceed the HD 4850.

    See following review:


    Also, the HD 4770 seems to sold out at nearly all e-tailers at the moment. This will give you the opportunity to find out if the HD 4670 is enough for your enjoyment of Crysis; it should allow you to play @ medium quality and no AA. Give it a shot since you have nothing to loose.
  2. Yeah, the 4670 is like the minimum card you would want for a gamer unless you have a low profile system, so it's not horrible or anything. Give it a shot and see what it does for ya, don't expect the 4670 to be a worldbeater, but it may do more than you think.
  3. The GTX 295 consumes 214w of power or almost 18amps. When a GPU's power consumption is 50+% of the PSU's total rated power out (not just the 12v rails), that is usually a bad sign.

    You might want to try a 55nm (as opposed to the 65nm) GTX 260 which consumes 105w or almost 9 amps, but you might be cutting it close and still need to upgrade to a "larger" PSU.

    See following review:

  4. You can get a 4770, or better like a GTX260 but you'd still want a quality powersupply. Look at some of the brands jaguarskx listed. You probably ahve the XPS with a Q6600 in it right? Do you know if your Dell can overclock (heard some Dells can)
  5. I got a core 2 quad Q8200, well if i was to upgrade my card, i would want the GTX 295, I want future proof gaming..

    All i need to know is what will be the cost of the PSU, and if it is worth it.

    I have an awesome HP LP2475w 24 inch monitor!
  6. PSU recommendation:

    CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W - $80 after $20 rebate

    SeaSonic S12 Energy Plus SS-550HT 550W - $90

    There is no such thing as future proofing especially if you're gonna be enticed by DX11 games. Is the the GTX 295 worth it? Sure if you want to max out everything and still get good frame rates. Exceptions includes: Crysis, Crysis Warhead and GTA IV; maybe if you SLI two GTX 295's... Of course that means you'll need to look at a 750W+ PSU.
  7. any links to UK websites for PSU's? will it be compatible?
  8. wow...you mind throwing some of that abundant cash my way sir?.....oh they can't sell those overpowered and priced 295's.....and along comes the dull consumer....
  9. I may wait till end of the year, prices of graphics cards will come down!
  10. kkhimji2001 said:
    any links to UK websites for PSU's? will it be compatible?

    My personal favourite :-http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/620W-Corsair-HX-Series-Modular-SLi-PSU-ATX-EPS-12V-whisper-quiet-5-year-warranty-NEW-VERSION!
  11. i am told my PSU can handle the GTX 275 is that correct?
  12. kkhimji2001 said:
    i am told my PSU can handle the GTX 275 is that correct?

    nope. You will need at least a 600W PSU from a good brand such as COrsair, antec, seasonic and others as mentioned by another poster.

    Also, GTX295 is an overkill IMHO, unless you SLI it, thats where it shines.

    So my recomendation would be to get a corsair 750TX(Precaution is better than cure sir) and GTX 260 in SLI if your mobo supports it otherwise go for Corsair 650TX and a GTX 275. That would be the best bang for buck and you will get you a nice performance.

    If you can go the ATI way, get a 4890 with 650TX or 4770 in crossfirex(if your mobo supporrts it). 4770 in crossfirex blows away 4890 and leaves you with 30+ USD.
    The benchmarks are on www.anandtech.com, but I am at work right now so cant search it for you.

    Good luck gaming Sir.

    And RewindLabs, please get your act together. Being a newbie to the computer world is no crime. I have seen one more such post of yours on another thread. These people may be good at other things at which you might not be. Please refrain from it. I know you are a knowledgable person and *NOBODY* can beat you in your technical prowess. But then again, the world does not need it as long as other people who know are around to help those who dont.
  13. Ok thank you i found it, I have PCI express, how would i know if the motherboard can take the PSU and graphics card/
  14. You just need a good 500watt PSU to run a single GTX275, and a good 750watt PSU to run a GTX295 (which is two GTX260s).
  15. i dont think there is much difference in price between a 500 and 750 watt PSU, will they be noisy?
  16. If it has the PCIe slot, then your motherboard will take any PCIe graphics cards. Compatibility of a PSU is not an issue. It does not have to do anything with the motherboard. I say, go ahead with a GTX 275 and a corsair 750TX.

    Also, if you can, please let us know if you have only one such slot or two of them. If you have two then you can plug another 275 in the future. IMHO, one GTX 275 should be enough for your needs.
  17. Just ran a CPU-Z and I have PCI express slot as I thought, I have an Intel x48 motherboard, I am sure I have 2 PCI-E slots, can anyone else confirm with me?
  18. kkhimji2001 said:
    i dont think there is much difference in price between a 500 and 750 watt PSU, will they be noisy?

    That is EXACTLY why I recommended a 750W PSU. You might not need it now, but you might need it in future. When the price difference is not much, its a much better choice than a 500W psu IMO.
    I am using one myself and trust me, I cant hear it running. I have a Coolermaster elite 331 cabinet with three fans running at full speed. I cant hear anything.

    So, you have an x48 motherboard. This motherboard supports ATI's crossfire technology. That means it supports 2 ATI cards working together. These days, most of the games are well optimised for crossfire.

    Please dont go with nvidia. Go with 2x HD 4890 and a corsair 750TX. This setup should run crysis maxed out at full HD(1920x1080) resolution.


    Notice that a 295 is beaten by the setup in every game except crysis warhead. Thats because, crysis and crysis warhead dont scale well with a crossfire setup. Otherwise 2x 4890 are a force to reckon with and will beat a single 295 by huge margins in every other game.

    So, finally, go with a single or two 4890. It will blaze you through any game you play. oh and get a corsair 750TX if you are thinking of buying 2 4890s otherwise a 650TX would suffice.

    one 4890 = ~250 USD
    corsair 750TX = ~80 USD
  19. With the psu he has now he should be able to run a 4850 I think (I know multiple people that run them on 350w psus so 425w may be able to handle it).
    512mb HIS IceQ4 Radeon HD 4850 Turbo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161244
  20. I think I will go for the CORSAIR CMPSU-750TXUK 750W

    and wait a few months, this should fit in fine to my dell system?
  21. does anything think the corsair 1000w supply which can handle 2 gtx 295 graphics cards is too much?
  22. Great choice sir, though a HX620W can deliver over 740w you have still made a really good decision.
  23. What if I need to add a second graphics card in, 740w wont be able to handle it?
  24. kkhimji2001 said:
    What if I need to add a second graphics card in, 740w wont be able to handle it?

    Why not?, the max a card will draw is about 225w
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