Gigabyte P55A with USB3, SATA3 & LOTES socket

In November Gigabyte will be releasing revisions of the current P55 motherboards. The boards will feature USB3 with 10x speed and increased power output, SATA 3 (2x speed @ 6 Gbit/s) and LOTES procesor sockets wich should have less burning isues than Foxconn ones. They will use the same model names but use "P55A" in the name instead of "P55". If anyone is thinking of building a lynnfield i5 or i7 system then I would recomend over 9000 times that you wait one month for these boards. It will suck in two years when usb SSDs are hitting 200MB/s and your stuck with USB2.

I'm returning my Gigabyte P55M-UD2 and waiting a month for my build.
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  1. Even more intriguing (to me, anyhow) is the announcement at the bottom - an X58 Extreme2 motherboard!
  2. I missed that. Either way I have a i5 750 in the mail and I think the power consumption vs performance of this platform is right.
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