I cant seem to run a game

believe it or not half life dm nor sins of a solar empire doesnt workon my pc it freezes when i try to start them i have a 9800gtx+ nvidia it should run them fine and with no trouble at all i am getting ready to shoot myself plz god some1 tell me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. What PC specs do you have? CPU, Motherboard, PSU? Have you checked temperatures?
  2. Is this a new build? Did it or any other games work before? Have you changed anything recently?
  3. my cpu is an amd 5000 2.6 micro atx board 2g ram my temps are at 50 degrees c gpu............................ i just added my graphics card
  4. just recently css and hlf didnt start up without locking my pc up so i reinstalled vista 64x and css works but not hlf mind boggling...... i just got sins of a solar empire and it doesnt either without locking up i am so angry =(
  5. What is your power supply? Need as much details as possible.
  6. power supply is a 700 watt sigma shark 500gb hard drive and im saying it stays pretty cool
  7. What programs are you using to monitor these temperatures?
  8. Guys....this is a classic case of moron...or is that too harsh?.....good luck with what your doing :lol:
  9. Rewind if you got nothing good to say don't say anything at all. No need to be disrespectful.

    To the op, have you tried installing different drivers. Like older ones, also did you make to delete any video drivers before installing new ones.
  10. Did you replace an old card? If so, what brand was it. Did you reformat during reinstall?
  11. rewindlabs said:
    Guys....this is a classic case of moron...or is that too harsh?.....good luck with what your doing :lol:

    very funny............ to the case that all you can say is i am a moron even though i know exactly what is in my comp........... i spent 800 dollars building my own pc.......................... and all youhave is an athlon x2............................................. wtf there wasnt any need to be that way all i wanted to know is a freakish problem with my pc...................... anyways i replaced a 1650 pro i did all the drivers correctly i tried older ones im using rivatuner to see my temps and of course i reformatted ......... i dont need some a hole telling me im a frekin moron either
  12. I'm sorry but it seems like to me you can barely install windows....are your games even legal :ange: most people can't patch and run there games worth a *** and i see them trolling in my tpb comments....if your trying to setup illegal games than go somewhere else...there are guides

    Also just to clear it up im happy you can google and search the parts that go together when building a pc so can just about everyone else on this entire forum....i still can't believe what you payed for it :sweat:

    Yeah i have a little over 400$ in both of my pcs combined cost....yeah and both can game i built them both from newegg and parts i had lying around :D one gtx 260 and one 9800gtx+ two amd X2's one at 3.2ghz and one at 2.6ghz if i cared to i could upgrade right now to a phenom II x4 955 and a nice new case as well... ;) if your trying to get at my hardware being bad your severely mistaken....just the general way you respond in this thread shows a lack of knowledge when it comes to windows which is common...

    Are you doing full formats? are you grabbing the latest drivers? are you making sure to keep the os vanilla before you "break" it with a tweak? Are you googling the problems and errors to see if its a common vista problem that you yourself can remedy....i mean there are countless reasons why you would and could have problems....i could go on for days....i suggest you start with an xp install as its usually alot simpler and less problematic...if you plan on upgrading to 4gb of ram go with 64bit XP...its what im running...if not go with 32 bit...

    If you are running cracked games you should try deleting all of the old cracks and patches and combine the latest patch with the latest crack...
  13. i didnt mean to get at ur hardware and no i didnt just google it i am gettin a computer science degree and a g design degree i didnt ask for ur freaking remarks on how i dont know anything i just wanted to know why it doesnt work no hlf isnt cracked u cant crack steam games for one and sins of a solar empire is an iso i know more than it looks i just dont have the correct words to say it im not very book smart but i am common sensed wise plz no more arguin i just need help! and yes i am planning on upgrading to 4gb ocz reapers infact and another thing i had it in vista 64 bit b4 but a diff copy and i got a new 1 to do it again but i still have these problems and i forget if i was having this game prob b4 i got the new card and i really payed 600 for my pc i bought old parts b4 the new ones for 300 so i spent 900 really sad but true i didnt know much when i got it but now i do i really want to spend my time learning......for 1 joining this forum for two going to college for it dont hassle me when i want to know something =(
  14. Uh yes you can crack and get pretty much any game that is up on steam atm...pretty much any game that has ever been made....and unless you copied your iso of sins of a solar empire from your own than it is an illegal copy not that i care...most of these games are bundled with old patches and cracks though...if its a legit copy than you still will need to get the latest patch..

    Il also add that you need to alt tab out of games and watch your cpu temps...they shouldn't rise past 60 C...if they do than your cpu will go bad verry verry quickly...

    Im also PMing you....ok il elaborate in the pm...
  15. i watch my temps and they dont go higher than 52 they go as loww as 47 so ya i dont believe its that but ya continue with the answers im probly gonna try xp 64
  16. Good like i said in the PM hit me up with any questions you may have...its good your paying attention to your temps...since you are familiar with torrenting ;) make sure you use the latest cracks and patches...most of that stuff in the root(main folder) of the iso is old and outdated...patches can solve FPS issues...stuttering and even the game not launching...
  17. 52C max is quite good. Shoot, my ATI card still runs at 100C, so you are fine on that front.
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