Will a 6Gb/s Drive run slower on a 3Gb/s board?

Would plugging a 6Gb/s Drive on my 3Gb/s motherboard somehow make it run slower? I've researched this before posting my question but the only information I could discover was that it would ''work''.

I also read that most HDD are hard pressed to cross the 1.5Gb/s mark but would'nt it be clever of the HDD companies to make their drive slower on 3Gb/s motherboards in order to compel them to buy new boards ((even if it's technically not needed (or so I think))?

Here's the drive and motherboard in question.

WD6402AAEX (Western Digital black SATA 6 Gb/s, 3.5 inch 7200 RPM, 640 GB , 64 MB cache)

Asus P5Q here's a link

The following are probably not needed but while I'm at it...
Windows 7 professional 64bit
4GB (2x2GB) Ordinary Kingston
Core 2 quad Q9400

Thanks in advance for the help and feel free to mention anything you think would be relevant or critique my way of asking for help (It might be usefull since I rarely come out and talk on forums anyway since my native language is french and I'm a generally shy person).
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    Have the WD sata 6 1TB drive on sata 6 port - Mostly advertizing gimic, about the only benifit that a sata 6 drive HDD connected to a sata III (6) port is in burst speed. The rotational speed and plater density preety much limit the mechanical HDs to sate II. And no they do not limit performance when a "Advertized sata 6 drive is placed on sata II
  2. Ah, thank you for clearing that up. For those who are curious here's my current drive (probably should've linked it yesterday...).

    WD10EACS (WD green, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 1TB, 16MB cache RPM=IntelliSeek...)
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