Can 92mm or 120mm cpu cooler fit in this case?

my pc case:
Brand Name: Antec
Model: SX1040
form_factor: Tower
supported_motherboard: ATX
power_device: Power supply
Width: 8.1 inches
Depth: 18.6 inches
Height: 20.6 inches
it has two 80mm exhaust fans (included) in the back of the case as the default setting.

So I would like to know if a 92mm or 120mm cpu cooler will fit in this case? or I have to go with a 80mm cpu cooler?

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  1. I have a similar case and I believe that you need to go with the 80mm fans. I say this because the fans fit inside of a plastic sleeve or clip and I don't think that they come in different sizes to fit different size fans.
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