BIOS not remembering RAM timings?

Hey everybody. When I manually set my memory timings to 5-5-5-15-26 @2.1V, as per my EPP, CPU-Z reports them as 5-5-5-29-26!!! What gives!? The only way I can set them to the EPP settings is with AMD OverDrive, and even then, they only last until I turn off/restart my computer. Very perplexed.

MSI K9A2 Platinum, NB @ 2000 MHz, HT @ 1800 MHz, BIOS V1.7B4
OCZ Platinum 2x2 Gb DDR2-1066 @ 2.1 V
AMD Phenom II X4 940, (200 MHz x 17.5) 3.5 GHz @ 1.424 V
Win 7 64-bit
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  1. Someone smarter than me will post a better response but lets try. Amd overdrive is a software overide, it does not make physical changes to your bios. I'm pretty sure you can enable Amd overdrive to load its settings on boot, it's an additional procedure.
    If your motherboard bios, ( I have gigabyte) has enable EPP mode it should have it for both the clock rate and voltage. This is not the same thing as manually inputing the settings. While I have tried both there are settings in bios which don't match the info I can get for my own chips. Without all of the identical settings it seems impossible to get an exact matchup. If I put in what I do know the motherboard appears to make up it's own mind on the rest based on what it senses. I'm going to watch your thread to see what I can learn. goog luck
  2. Well, you're absolutely right about AOD. It is just a software tweak. And yeah, i can have it be one more program that loads when windows starts. My BIOS does not have an EPP detect. Stupid, I know. I have the voltage, timing, and clock speed settings exactly as they appear in the EPP, and yet my bios won't lock the settings in. Thus the question.
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