Just installed my OCZ Vertex 2 120GB - benchmark question

I'm pretty new to this. Just installed my new OCZ Vertex 2 120GB. I updated the firmware and enabled AHCI. Do these results seem about right to you guys?

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  1. Post up a screenshot of an ATTO run, it's one of the only ones suggested for benching the OCZ drives. Plus i can give you a straight answer since i have not used your benchmark.
  2. remember multiple benchmarks will slow down your SSD
  3. Yup that looks normal now, grats on the new drive btw :)
  4. Where did you get that program for benchmarking?

    I am installing my 120gig vertex2 today. I can compare ???
  5. Google ATTO
  6. Yep - Your results are similar to mine. I have the Gskill pheonix pro (same controller).
    I did a clone from my intel G2 and for some reason it came up with the pcide and an overall score of 231 (AS SSD). Re-installed using the intel ahci (Version 9.6) driver (Did an F6 at install)

    With the iaStor driver your results are also simular (slightly lower but that may be due to trimed state at time benchmark was run. Differences are noted below (Seq ar dead on with mine - From AS SSD):
    4k reads/writes ..... Yours ... 18.66/44.87 ..... Mine 22.79/80.33
    Score read/writes ... Yours .. 159/178 ........... Mine 168/213
    Overall score .......... Yours .. 423 ................. Mine 473

    The only one that exceeds 15% are in Blue - again under normal operation I dought you would see any diff.
  7. Hey

    I just got my vertex 2 yesterday but my scores seems to be low :( i did all the ssd crap in windows :o
  8. lucuis said:
    Google ATTO

    Is this the best benchmark program ?
  9. It's the only one recommended by OCZ, and you can easily find comparisons. So in this case, yeah i'd say it's the 'best' SSD benchmark program.
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