Should I Raid Two Intel X25-M 80Gig Drives?

Hey guys,

Ive had two Intel X25-M 80Gig Drives in my computer for about a year now. I use one drive for windows and the other form my games, due to the increase size of todays games 80gigs isnt cutting it anymore. So i went out and got a 160Gig X25-M.

I was thinking about taking the two 80Gigs and raiding them together.

Ive been told i will see an increase in performace and ive been told i wont.

Can anybody please shed some light on this subject please.
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  1. Hey Ninfanlink,

    Raiding the two SSD will generally yield greater performance in terms of transfer speed in RAID 0, but the overall performance of your SSD is very dependent on the RAID controller card you use. In other words, if you have a slow controller card and fast drive for example, your performance may be slower or give negligible performance.

    Also, if the RAID 0 setup does exceed the SATA II speed capacity(3Gb/s), you would want to have a controller card that supports SATA III(6Gb/s) capabilities to achieve these speeds.

    Hope this helps with your question.
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