Final OC on new AMD system (970 BE)

Well hello all again.

To all those who replied to my recent posts and those who Took the time to make thier own posts...Thank you.

I started this new build with ZERO knowledge about safely OC'ing my system and now I know next to nothing (But thats a step in the right direction)

Let me start with listing my system first.

Corsair's H70 cpu cooler

AMD 970BE processor

MSI 890FXA-GD65 Mobo

Corsair Vengeance 8Gb

CoolerMaster Extreme power

Coolermaster 690 II

MSI Radeon 6975

WD 500Gb black caviar

Running Windows 7 64 Pro

And as of this mornings final set of burn-ins is stably running 4.1ghz CPU. I am so extremely pleased with the new machine I cannot begin to thank everyone in person so consider this post for all of you!!!

This is currently my 24/7 OC and with stable temps under load of 47C and 1.456 Vcore I am ecstatic. I didn't get a shot of my 4950 but i flashed it to the 4970 bios and am running it at 950Mhz gpu and 1400Mhz memory.

Below are some proof pics :)

If anyone see's something wrong or some Improvements Please let me know!
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  1. as of current evrythin in my system is on stock cooling, on my hd 5830 and on my 970 BE processor, using crosshair IV formula motherboard. corsair xms3 ddr3 (2x2GB) ram @ 1333Mhz. i did overclock as youl see but temps went to 70+*C in less than a minute when i activated prime95 (on stock cooling).
    So i deactivated the OC but i will repeat this OC because im getting the xigmatek gaia sd1283 cooler.

    first of all i the only thing i touched in my bios was the cpu bus speed and core voltage, nothing else.(first overclock)

    my 1st overclock , i set the bus speed 218, i did not change the multiplier (left it @ 17.5) and upped the voltage to 1.45, THATS it i did not change anything else, the RAM clocks went up automaticly (i dont know if its this motherboard in particular or all motherboards that do this) so it went to 3.8Ghz and RAMS to around 1440Mhz.(but after seeing your clocks and volts im thinking ill leave the stock voltage alone when i OC again to 3.8Ghz) (1.36-1.37v stock)

    my 2nd overclock, i did try to overclock in a different way (the way im sure alot more people do) by only changing the multiplier until it went to a verylittle over 4Ghz, this time the RAM clocks did not go up , core voltage was set to auto. i did not change anything else.

    When i compared my 3Dmark 11 scores if saw that my scores were higher on my first overclock

    well im going to get the Xigmatec Gaia sd1283 cooler,(best recommended cpu cooler under 50$ on tomshardware, check the review, it should help. i use the argus monitor software to mointor the temps.

    if you got any more info for me let me know.

    -1 If i were to OC to 4Ghz using my first OC's method (which also increase RAM clocks) what voltage would you recommend for me to start from?
    -2 How do i effectively test my cpu stability.
    -3 Does it realy go to 47*C on load? how hot does it get when you run prime95?
    -4 What are the CPU temps that i should explicitly avoid, i live in east africa, its hotter than the US. (50+*C,55+*C,60+*C, 65+*C, 70+*C etc.)

    Also if you have any other opinions let me know, and please give me as most info as you can.
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