Need some help with a Phenom ii X4 965, heat/temp

I just got a Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus and have it installed so I am trying to oc my 965. I tried a few settings and right now I am on 3 hours running prime95 no errors so far.

Core Speed: 4091.8mhz
Multiplier: x20.5
Core Voltage: 1.472
Max temp so far 53­­°C Avg. temp 52°C

I plan on letting prime95 run for the next 10-15 hours, I just wanted to know if those settings looked ok and what temp should I try to keep it under? Thank You.

Edit: I was also wondering what is the best temp monitoring program? I am running 2 different programs right now and they all say different temps.

AMD Overdrive: All Cores are 51.0°-52.4°
Core Temp: All Cores are 50°-53°
Speedfan: CPU 55°
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  1. stay under 55 degrees Celsius and you will be fine but i think the max recommended voltage of the cpu is 1.4500 and on the AMD spec sheet it says max voltage is 1.4200
    i have the same unit and i like it at 3.8 Ghz @1.4500 hope that helps o and try hardware monitor and AMD over drive they seem to be pretty good i like hardware monitor pro .....
  2. Idle temperature is not a safe or absence of a standard CPU. The most important is how high the temperature when the full load with Prime95 ... will be very safe if below 60C
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