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Im new to this site and had some questions about ati's overdrive function.
I just purchased a XFX Radeon 6950 2gig card. I've never overclocked anything before and am afraid of damaging this card. I noticed the defalt settings in overdrive are 800 core clock and 1250 memory clock with the slider going up to 840 core clock and 1375 memory clock. Fan speed default is at 53%.
I have no auto tune function for some reason and have current drivers as of today (2/25/2011)
What would be a safe increase for for my core and memory speeds. At default settings, my interior rig temps is about 100 degrees F and about 115 F while gaming.
Also even though the fan speed is defaulted at 53% it runs almost silent, but if I click manual adjust fan speed, then click apply, it comes on loud and blazing even though I never adjusted the speed. Is this good?
My rig set up ( if its important) is a intel quad core at 2.83 per core and 4 gigs of ram, 650 w psu
Im not savvy on this overclocking thing at all so any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Yes you can use the overdrive feature for ocing your gpu. I will say this run a benchmark with you card overclocked then write down the results. Next run one with it a standard clock speed. You will see it doesn't make a huge difference in fps.
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