Is my PSU strong enough to power my set up in sli

Ok hi every one this is my first build, and my first time on here, but I had lots of help from a good friend…… on this build… now I need more….
Ok here’s what I’m asking, is my PSU strong enough to power my setup for what’s to come? It’s a cooling master 750W real power, ( 750 continuous 900 peak )

When I say I got some help I’m not playing! I got this PSU for shipping it to cooling master for repairs, got a new one back $ 10.00 US, the two 120 mm front fans where a gift, and the EVGA 9800 GTX i got for no cash…. CPU was out of box got good deal from newegg. So the cost of this build was under $500.00 at this time… im hoping to put only $280.00 more in to it... for a total of around $800.00.

I want to go Sli with two 9800 GTX’S and add 1 more HD to go raid..

Here what I have so fare.

windows 7 64 bit

Mobo is a ASUS M3N72-D duel Sli

AMD 9850 quad core 2.5 CPU, 125 watts , not OC yet.

1 LG 22" LCD 10,000 to 1. 2 ms


1 EVGA 9800 GTX…. Takes two 6 pins the one I have is not the +

Cooler Master PSU 750W real power, RS-750-ACAA-A1

WD HDD 500 G @ 7200 RPMS


ANTEC 300 CASE with 1 140MM TRI cool fan, 2 ANTEC 120MM tri cool fans, and 2 120 mm front fans…..

any input well be help full.

PS is this a good build for a gaming PC... TIPS ARE WELCOMED THANK YOU
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  1. 750watt PSU is strong enough for SLi.

    If you don't have enough PCI-e connectors, use the molex adapters
  2. It said it is sli ready. but it only has two 6 pins. do they make 8 pin to 6 pin adapters.. and what about the amps. is 19 amps x 2 rails how that works?
  3. Yeah its enough for SLI. I don't like Coolermaster PSUs that much TBH.
  4. The Phenom 9850 would bottleneck the 2 9800GTX in SLI...they are old gen CPUs...
    So I feel you might be wasting your money on the second one...
    And most of all what resolution do you want to game ?
  5. 1680 by 1050 on a LG 22" LCD.
  6. gkay09 said:
    The Phenom 9850 would bottleneck the 2 9800GTX in SLI...they are old gen CPUs...
    So I feel you might be wasting your money on the second one...
    And most of all what resolution do you want to game ?

    the phenom 9850 am2 + was the best i could do... i got it for under $100.00

    1680 by 1050 10,000 to 1. 2ms

    im not sure i like to hear that the cpu will bottleneck my 9800 gtx in sli mod! :??: :??: :??:

    when we where finding the components for the build these wher the best components i could get.....
    the cost of a new 9800 gtx is not that much and thats why i went the way i did. plus the 9800 gtx i have now was free from a friend that is now running two 260 cards in sli, sweet set up.

    thank you for your reply and i am looking forward to hearing back from you......
  7. I had said that the 9850 would bottleneck the 9800GTX SLI because in games which are both CPU and GPU intensive, the SLI would give out the required graphics power but that 9850 would have a tough time keeping up with it and hence would bottleneck the overall performance...So on a whole the SLI would not perform to its fullest...
    For that resolution, you can do with a single 9800GTX...It can play most of the games at that resolution with medium to high settings...
    And if you check the reviews about the SLI boards apart from the X58, you could see that they have some compatibility issues with the memory and are not stable when you overclock...So it is not a very good platform too...

    If I were you, I would get a non SLI board( for that price you can get a crossfire board) and stick with the 9800GTX for a while, save more cash and switch to a better card maybe ATI as you can crossfire on most of the AMD boards and the crossfire boards are much better than those SLI boards...
    Am not trying to push you to ATI...but it is just that at this price point and with these components, the ATI is more attractive option...And you get the performance of the 9800GTX for $100 with the 4770...
  8. wow i like nvidia EVGA AND XFX if i lose some in SLI then so be it. me and my friends think this is the best way to go.... im sure ATI has there good points. as we all know nvidia has the best thing going at this time. and im sure it will say like this for some time.


    THANK YOU FOR THE IMPUT............................
  9. :P XFX also manufacture ATI cards now
    But if you are pretty set on SLI, then its OK...but make sure you get the compatible components such as the RAM as those SLI mobos are very picky...So check their forums before the purchase...
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