First build in 10 years...doesn't power up...ideas?

Hey Guys,

I admit this might be something totally dumb. I've got all the hardware put together except the optical drive which is still in transit. I thought I'd just hit the power button to see that the machine would power up and, well, it won't. The 6 phase lights flash on and I hear a click but then nothing.

Any idea what I did wrong? Thanks for any help you can offer!
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  1. only thing i can think of is check your cable....i mean check
    *make sure there is 20pin going to motherboard
    * 4/8 pin to processor
    *sata to hard drive(s)
    *4pin to fan(s)

    make sure everything is connected,
    sata connections to motherboard
    graphic card is plugged in
    ram sticks are plugged in

    im running out of ideas but just double check everything is connected the machine should boot without cd drive without a problem
  2. just going to throw this out there. because it could be happening to other people, and i might not have caught it had i not been a weirdo that tries everything.

    i have an asus p5q deluxe. if you have an asus, try unplugging all your usb ports before powering on. long shot, i know. figured id put it out there tho.
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