Intel s5500hcv with xeon w3520

Hi all

I would like to get some advice on a possible future purchace.

I'm considering getting the Intel s5500hcv motherboard and installing two xeon w3520 cpu's on it.

Would these go hand in hand or does the s5500hvc board only support xeon 5500 series?

If so, is there any board supporting dual socket for the w3520 cpu?

Best regards

Dennis Jensen
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  1. And you're installing this Server motherboard and two Xeon CPUs to handle the File-sharing for a medium-sized network handling no more than 100 users?

    The spec page says only Xeon 5500 processors, yes.
  2. The Xeon w3520 is designed for single socket motherboards only. Most Xeon 5500 series are designed for dual socket motherboards.
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Guess I will have to keep looking. The reason I'm trying to avoid the 5500 series is the very high pricetag.

    The system will be running about 4 virtual machines, handling remote applicaton and other system heavy jobs.

    Thanks again.
  4. OK dcgj - had someone who was sold a dual Xeon motherboard with a single CPU and the wrong RAM not long ago for a home computer non-gaming system. The dealer sold him this $550 board then didn't even know what RAM it used. Sent him 2 - 2GB modules.

    I did find some useful info about the CPUs at Wiki, might read up some for hints. And search Newegg and others starting from the CPU/socket.
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