Ga-ep45-ud3l comes with f2 bios?

when i go to gigabyte site for this mobo, on the cpu support list almost all cpus are supported with f2 bios and some f3 and there is no f1 bios whatsoever .... When i go dowload bios page there is f1 bios (first release ) :sarcastic: ..... I'm confused , does the mobo come with f2 bios? or f1? why is f1 on the download page??

cpu I'm getting is e7400 and i want it to be supported out of the box

mobo that I'm getting:

gigabyte page :

I just want to be sure, I don't want to get something that won't work...
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  1. It definitely won't come with the F1 BIOS. It will probably be F4 released on March 24 2009.
  2. thanks :p
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