1055T: Which OC setting would be best?

Currently stable at

CPU: 3600MHz: 300x12 | vCore: 1.42 (1.37 vDrop on load)
HT: 1920MHz
CPU/NB: 3000MHz | 1.35v
RAM: 1600 7-9-8-24 | 1.6
Temps: 50-55C


CPU: 3600MHz: 260x14 | vCore: 1.44 (1.38 vDrop on load)
HT: 2080MHz
CPU/NB: 2600MHz | 1.35v
RAM: 1386 7-9-8-24 | 1.6
Temps: 50-55C

Which one would yield the best performance?
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  1. the 300x12 because of the 300mhz speed and the ram speed
  2. Yep gotta' agree. Faster RAM (by a long way!) and also better FSB.

    Just so you know, the 1055T can get to 4.0GHz. It's the same chip (pretty much) as the 1090T and 1100T which have unlocked multipliers. If you have the right settings (and a good motherboard) you can get to 3.8GHz+ without issues.
  3. The only issue I have is with heat. 3.8GHz+ requires around 1.45-1.55 vCore and it quickly takes my Hyper 212+ to around 55C+. I could keep it stable but my ASUS board looks to throttle my CPU clock down to protect it from overheating (or at least the VRMs), so I need to get a better heatsink before I attempt those speeds again.
  4. Got the 3.6GHz stable at 1.37v also so that dropped heat down a few Cs.
  5. The Hyper 212+ does very well at stock speeds, but I have no idea why people use it when overclocking (at least high-end overclocking) because it just doesn't cut it. If you can still get it.. I'm using a rare gem called "Thor's Hammer". It wasn't really marketed at all, and as it was released at the same time as the True Black it didn't get any light thrown on it, but it's currently cooling my 1090T, overclocked at 4.0GHz with 1.48v amazingly well. Stock temp is 25C with 18C cores, full load for several hours gets temp at 48C with cores at 38C.
  6. CPU: 3600MHz: 260x14 | vCore: 1.44 (1.38 vDrop on load) Good for you,
    I have 1055T 3.6 just increase FSB and voltage CPU +0.50 max Just it . stable at all test. remember your CPU not BE

    I know increasing the FSB also increases the ram, but ram has limits, in this case if you want it you must drop the ratio of RAM.

    If the FSB 300 and RAM are not qualified you will get an unstable system and BSOD.
    in this setting will give you easy access, lower timming, low vdim, and possible future can be raised back to the CPU clock speed.

    and you FSB 300 x 14 can get 4.2 ghz but depend on your cooler.
  7. ^^^ All good.
  8. In my experience, the 1055T doesn't really need much, if any, voltage increases up to 3.7+ GHz.

    CPU: 3500MHz (250x14) / 1.3v (1.296v)
    CPU-NB: 2500MHz (250x10) / 1.175v
    HT: 2000MHz (250x8)
    RAM: 1332MHz (250x5.33) 6-7-7-20 / 1.41v
  9. Currently Priming stable for 30 minutes at the following:

    3900MHz (300x13) @ 1.51v
    3000MHz CPU/NB @ 1.4v
    2100MHz HT
    1600MHz 7-9-8-25-2T @ 1.63v

    My board is an ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO USB3. I guess I lost the CPU lottery because this chip needs at least 1.55v to hit 4GHz stable. Oh, well...

    Temps are currently hovering around 56-58C @ 100% load on all 6-cores. If it is indeed stable, I'm gonna have to upgrade to a Thermalright Silver Arrow soon. If I can at least drop 5C with the Silver Arrow, I'll be happy.
  10. disabled smart fan in bios gicve you more cool
  11. Fans are running at 100% on full load in a push/pull config. I think that's as far as the 212+ is gonna cool this beast. I turned on CnQ in the BIOS since I'm not gonna need 3.9GHz surfing the internet and such.

    1 hour Prime95 stable at those settings now. I'll wait until I get the Silver Arrow and leave it running longer.
  12. yes goo d idea get big cooler , you can up up up again, ummm ....seems good too! enjoy
  13. I think I'll stick to 3600MHz at 1.37v. 300MHz at the cost of almost .2 more volts isn't really worth it though. If my chip could hit 4GHz at 1.4xv, then I would keep it there, but at 1.5xv, it's not worth the extra 300MHz, in my opinion.
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