I hate Underdark (BG2)

I'm still in the underdark. I just figure out that if I spent too much time hunting the Mind Flayers and Beholders, I cannot complete this quest and everyone in the city will turn against me =( so sad. Anyway, I'm very disappointed in only one small quest. The quest when you go to help Phear from Mind Flayers. This fight is not so tough but the drows is just weak. I have to reload so many times just because they are died or either they are charm or dominated and become hostile and died. It is not my fault if I kill all the mind flayers and these drows are still dominated and keep on fighting and died (I cannot even cast any area offensive spell since they will turn hostile to me =(. Blackisle should have a small script where the fight stop after I rescue the Phear (kill all the mind flayers) and let they go back to the city.

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
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  1. Yeah, I liked chapter 2 the best. But I'm sure everyone sent in mail telling black isle they wanted to play with the drow, so it got stuck in the game.
  2. chapters 5 and 6 are my favorites. and yes, the drow part just seemed to be a cheesy add on. they did a decent job of integrating it into the story, but it does stick out a bit.

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
  3. The story go much faster once pass chapter IV and become more on the main line. For me, chapter II is the longest while chapter IV is the best (consider the story twist so much when I encounter Irenicus as the Crowl Wizard co-ordinator in the Asylum). One of the best part of BG2 indeed except the combat itself. Anyway, I still feel that BG2 lack good storyline compare to PsT. I'm definitely love PsT (eventough I never finish it since I change OS to Win2K after I went about 2/3 of the game). Everything in PsT seem to show an excellent integration of both D&D rules (with some twists)with author imaginations.

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  4. finish the expansion for the realization of very D&D freaks dreams.

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
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