What do you think is better cars or bikes

what do you think is better cars or motorbikes?????????????
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  1. Safety/Practicality/Usefulness/Comfortable/Tweakable/MoreExpensive: Cars

    MoreDangerous/Faster/Cheaper/NonVersatile: Bikes

    Overall...I think the benefits of a car outweigh that of a bike.

    However, if I knew I had a track of my own, I would be lapping in it in a bike.
  2. I got a weak spot for dirt bikes and snowmobiles. I think blackhawk has pretty close to the exact same feeling I have when comparing the two other than tweakability. There are a lot more cosmetic things you can put on a car but performance wise there is just as much you can do to a bike as a car. I love bikes and have been riding for a long time but where I live a bike can only be a second vehicle.
  3. Personally I preferred bikes because I’m a biker I own a Honda CBR 600 and a Honda civic sports car mostly I use to ride my bike only.
  4. I've been looking for another street bike myself. God help me that I'm actually interested in a Harley. I checked out that new sportster Forty-Eight and was pretty impressed by it. Only reason I even went in was because my buddie was looking for a highway cruiser. I wish I could ride year round, granted I feel that way every spring. Then fall hits and I get my sleds ready for winter and wish we had more snow and had a longer sledding season.
  5. I like both but if I had to pick one then it would be take a car. Bikes are great but the amount of bugs it has right now makes the game play really bad.
  6. Car=air conditioning and heat
    Bike=bugs splattered on helmet or face and the air temperature
  7. I'm guessing you're not a big fan of bikes Fantastik.
  8. No, I like bikes. I never said I didn't like bikes.
  9. I just took the message wrong then. My bad
  10. No worries.
  11. Cars for me .. although i have always liked the idea of a bike & being the next ghost rider but could never trust myself to be sensible :)
  12. I think most people would like motorcycles given the chance to ride one on a nice day on a mountain road. Being open to the elements gives those drives a much more visceral experience. It's a hard feeling to explain. I remember driving south of Revelstoke to Nakusp and after I got off the ferry and started again the fog started to lift. It was a 40 minute ride that was awe inspiring. I'm going to look at buying one this spring again but for now I got my new suspension, belt drive, and heads on my sled so it's mountain sledding time for me.
  13. Cars are much safer ,so they are better. )
  14. Cars, you can sleep in them.
  15. From my experiences ladies like a guy on a bike. If you're a good talker and ride up to a bar on your bike it's not too hard to find a bed to sleep in. And to the ladies reading this every guy I know likes a girl on a bike as well.
  16. If I can afford a car, I could say a car is better. But I cannot. So bicykle is better. I come to work by bicykle everyday. It only takes me 10 mins to get my office. And you can ride a bicykle ignoring traffic jam and it is environmental protection.
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