What if my Mac has no USB port?

Hello, we have an old Mac with no USB port of any kind. But, the Mac can connect to the Internet wirelessly.

We need to plug in a printer through USB rather than wirelessly through another computer's router.

Is there any external hardware made that would have a USB port we can plug into, but connects to my Mac wirelessly?
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  1. It would help if you mentioned the Mac model. I left a G3 333Mhz in my parents house that didn't have USB and I bought a PCI USB card and it worked great. Only in OSX 10.2 though the OS 9.2 doesn't recognize the USB. Can you activate File Sharing, transfer the document you need to print into your newer computer and attempt to print there? You should have no problem with text documents, that's the way I do it from my Mac PPC 8500/180, my G4 does the hard work. ;)

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