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I just built my new computers (2) and they are both equipt with gigabyte network cards. My laptop is not network ready yet. I have not purchast any hubs and/or routers to plug computers together.

1.)What is the best product(s) to buy that will hook both computers together at 1000, put wireless network for my laptop so I can use it at least 300 ft. away and spilt my DSL IP. so I can have multipal Internet conection.

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  1. No SOHO routers with gigabit (that's bit not byte) ports that I am aware. Might be some out there but little need for them really.

    As to your wireless needs, unless you have clear line of sight then your not going to get a link at 300 feet. Hell, with the budget stuff even with line of sight you may run into problems with the weak antennas on most cheap wireless client devices. What you probably would end up doing is buying a current 10/100 Router/AP/Switch then buying a gigbit switch with a 10/100/1000 uplink. I imagine some of the cheaper gigabit switches have all autosensing 10/100/1000 ports so that would work. The internet doesn't need gigabit so you could get a one port router to uplink to your switch. Your PC's don't need gigabit either for that matter but it is nice to have that option. The wired part of your request is very do-able. You'd have to elaborate on your wireless requirements to get a decent answer on that. Assuming you want 300 feet with obstructions, then your going to be dissapointed in the response.

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  2. I am most likly going to be 20'-40' away and yes I will be going threw walls and floors.

    I also wanted to know what brands you might prefer because I always burn up my swiches after about 6 months or so thats why I moved on to a gigabit Conection. The Wireless thing I'm compleatly new at but I guess It's pretty basic.

    My CPU is so hot I use it to brew my morning JAVA.
  3. Gigabit ports will have no significance in making a switched port more reliable. That's what your post reads as anyway. That you think moving to gigabit switches will make them last longer. Port speed has nothing to do with that. For SOHO wireless, toss a coin. Budget wired for that matter. Cheap devices and some are slightly better I suppose but these things are made and sold so cheaply the Q&A is practically nonexistent, which means two switches or AP's, routers whatever, from the same company, the same model number even, may vary in terms of performance, reliability and so on.

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  4. Looks like kwebb is right: there is no single network box for what you want to do.

    I think that's very short-sighted of manufacturers, but maybe one of them will get smart some day soon. Using today's hardware, you'll have to buy yourself a gigabit NON-wireless router to service the two desktop systems and a decent wireless access point (WAP, as thye're called) to service the laptop. Go to Tom's Networking to check out the reviews of products there, then do a Google on the rest of the web. One thing to point out is that you're likely going to need a WAP with provisions for an external antenna to get reliable connections over about 100 feet. Then take the antenna you buy and mount it up high somewhere within line-of-sight to the area where you'll be using the laptop. The only other tip I can give is to make sure you buy the WAP and the card for the laptop from the same manufacturer.

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