E-machine t2542 case fan power connector location on motherboard

Hi, I have an e-machines t2542 that keeps sporatically freezing up, possible from overheating. It did not come with a rear case fan, so I picked up a new one that is the right size and shape and has a three-pin connector with a red, black, and yellow wire. I need to find out where to plug it into the motherboard. e-machines support wanted to charge me just to tell me where it is. I have been unable to find a diagram of the motherboard on the internet to look at. I have two other e-machines and have been happy with them, but if they are going to charge me everytime I want a little information, I guess I will just replace them with another brand. Anyway, I would appreciate any help I can receive. I put Abit in the sub-category because it required something and I did not know what to put there. Thanks.
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  1. Homepage is http://www.emachines.com/support/product_support.html?cat=Desktops&subcat=T-Series&model=T2542

    Have you tried emailing cust support and asked for a motherboard diagram to be sent? Might work better with email folks than 800 number folks.

    Look on the corners of boart and see if you have a mgf name/model.

    Regardless, hooking up your fan is easy. If you don't have a local computer store that has funky parts, more electronics hobby shop than a BestBuy type - then make one yourself. Most fans come with a molex convertor in the package - guess yours didn't.

    The 3rd wire on the fan is for RPM monitoring by the computer, not needed. The red and black wires can be hooked directly to a leftover floppy power connector or any other similar. That is, the fan simply needs to have its red and black wires connected to any drive connectors red and black wires. It'll run full speed all the time.

    This is what you want actually - or want to create yourself. In the image, pretend yellow is red!

    If your motherboard has a fan header on it, and it may not, you can find it yourself. First of all, almost all pins on the motherboard have some sort of lettering to identify them, might be FAN1 or such. Also, it's a 3 or 4 pin connector, usually 3 pin, near the rear panel where you'd put a fan. Look for it! If it's the right connector, it'll have a "idiot-proof" pin header connector that your connector snaps into.
  2. Thanks so much for your response. The fan is installed and working, no thanks to the manufacturer. The e-mail people were just as worthless as the internet chat people. But I still do not know if it is going to fix the freezing problem, but the fan is a good thing anyway. Thanks again.
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