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SO I was originally going to buy haf 932 plenty of space, supposed high air flow (namesake), however I was thinking maybe I can save some $$ and go with a cheaper case. I do want good air flow. I will be running core i7 920, 12gb ram, (2) 4890 in crossfire a SSD and a regular HD and no more then 2 optical drives with one card reader. Your standard case should handle my bay needs so it come down to budget and air flow. Dont get me wrong looks are important but efficiency comes first. Any thoughts?


HAF 932 $149.99

HAF 922 $99.99

Coller Master Scout $89.99

The idea here is the cheaper I can go with out losing to much quality the more I can spend in upgrades. Maybe something like buying last years 'hot' case at a big discount. Nothing used wanted so I can return the product if there are defects.
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  1. any reason for 12GB of ram? it slows down gaming.

    anyway, out of those three cases the 922 is the best deal since it's just a shorter 932, no other dimensions are touched other than the height.
  2. The side panel on the 922 is different too wasn't sure if that was the big reason for the price difference. Also have read a few people complaining about the 992 not doing a very good job for being labeled HAF. I am pretty sure it is do to case pressure problems though or the fact that some people install all the fans blowing air in and no exhaust :( .

    Also it doesnt have to be one of those 3 if anyone has a better suggestion.


    Side note:
    Never heard of 12gb of high speed ram slowing down gaming. Ill research it, however I do not want to get off topic ;)
    *From 12gb ram in testing does not hurt gaming at all .. sure it may be over kill, costly, and show no real gains but hurt it? Nope. Ram upgrades really help in server applications more then they help in gaming, but no need to go ripping out ram ;)

    Take a a look,2264.html
  3. I also don't see why 12GB would slow down gaming.

    You may or may not like it but I like the Sharkoon Rebel 9 (just bought the economy version), or even the Rebel 12 (3 extra 5.25" + 6 x 3.5" bays).
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