I5-650 running at 4.2(stable) what next benchmark? burn-in? higher OC

Hi Guys,

So far so good, im learning as im going along, since knowing absolutely nothing 3 days ago. I've managed to acheive a decent overclock for my CPU. Its upto 4.2Ghz


It ran stable overnight (8 Hours) on Prime95, core temp maxed at 69'C.

Now my questions might sound daft, but what do I do next? run other stres testing programs?

I did run a benchmark test with Prime95 but the numbers dont seem to match up, whats the place to compare actual overclock on like for like CPU's

I did some reserch last night and found that these CPU have been known to OC to over 4.8Ghz, do I keep pushing or what? or try and reduce voltages?

Is it worth pushing the QPI up or shall I leave it as?

Also I have read that once OC has been established, you can turn back on C1E, Speedstep and Turbo, sounds right but maybe.

Also I read a bit about burn-in? is it necceasary?(at all or after finalising settings)

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  1. When you ran Prime95, did you check "round-off checking".

    I've passed hours of Prime before and then remembered to check that, then within 20 minutes I blue screened lol. Quite important.

    Anyway.. once prime is out the way, I like to go through a few tests like 3DMark, Furmark, Crysis Benchmark, GTA4 Benchmark and make sure it can handle not only 100% load but gerenal gaming load.

    As 4.2GHz is an awesome speed, I wouldn't bother pushing it any more just incase you do fry it all.

    Once overclock is set I never turn any auto-clock or turbo type features back on because I want to be running at full speed all the time and never automatically underclock etc.
  2. Like a stupid NOOBIE ive messed up!!

    The only thing that is stable so far is 3.6 auto via bios

    The 4.2 was unstable, Im now hoping for overclcock of just 4.0 with decent QPI

    right now my QPI is coming through at 3.6, I've notced the higher the QPI the quicker the system feels..

    So far I get errors after 1 hour, any pointers would be nice as I dont kno what voltage to increment to get a stable overclock. My settings thus far for 1 Hour stable @ 4.0Ghz.

    Max core temp during test were Core 0: 62'C and for core 1: 60'C

    I like 200 BCLK as it means my ram should be running at stock timings

    BCLK: 200
    MULTI: 20
    DRAM FREQ: DDR3-1600Mhz
    QPI FREQ: 7202Mhz

    CPU PLL: 1.80
    CPU IMC: 1.23
    DRAM VOLTAGE: 1.65

    CPU CLOCK AMPLITUDE 800MV (ive done this because ive seen some people recommend it)


    Ive not chnaged CPU SPEED SPECTRUM (some guides say to have it enabled, mine is on auto)

    Everything else is on auto

    What I would really like to know is what to increment next to give me a more stable overclcock!!
  3. Leaving voltages on auto worked much better for me. it allowed them to raise when needed and go under 1v when idle.

    u need really good cooling for 4.0
    I just bought this

    maybe experiment getting it stable on auto ? worked for me for past year
  4. Ive got the Corsair H70 (pretty similar to yours), I dont think temps are causing my OC to fail, maybe some other settings, took your advice and changed most thing to auto, seemd to stay stable longer.

    Nice OC by the way, is that OC stable?
  5. I think u were asking me ? I got my i7920 at 3.4 and its really fast at that freq. I may raise it a little more after I get the water hooked up. Probably not more then 3.6. I need ram that runs stable at 1800+ my 1600MHz hyperX is already pushed to 1700.

    Going back to your stability I'm not a true expert I aim to sort do it the easy way. If you got it stable at 4.0 or close to that thats really good. Some people say certain multipliers are better.
  6. Thats not a bad OC at all, stock 920 runs at 2.66 and yours is at 3.4, thats a 27% OC. My 650 is 3.2 stock, so if can 27% that should be just above 4.

    Ive managed to get it to load windows at 4.6 but it BSOD on test. Tried it at 5.0 boots but dies on windows screen.

    Im assuming here when you say stable Prime95 for atleast 8 Hours?

    I've got 2 PC's running over a switcbox so my babies on test now, 1 Hour passed, trying to get past 4 with minor setting changes
  7. Its been running just over an hour, max core temp reached is 50'c
  8. I ran prime at 3.1 for like an hour that was good enough for me. got to like 78 on air. My 3.4 OC is just humming im not pushing it with prime till i hook up the water. I did run prime and saw temps go to 81 and shut it down.

    Your temp is super low thats sweet,

    You could try messing with the ram clocks or something if you really want to run it that high ? i just lowered mine a bit but i think you woul have to raise 1 or 2 of yours.
  9. Ive never changed Ram timings, only Dram voltage from auto to 1.65V

    The Ram is G.Skill trident which runs at DDR3-16000

    This is the link for the ram


    Now im a little confused, isn't DDR2-16000 supposed to runs at 2000Mhz

    or does is run in bios under DDR3-1600Mhz, its kinda confusing.

    Anyway at 200BCLK ive set them to run at DDR3-1600(I think this MHz!) runs at stock 9-9-9-24.

    What settings do I change in Bios, do I have to manually change things, its kinda a grey area for me right now as im new to this!
  10. DDR3 ram is 240 pin i don't think they are interchangeable as physically different.
    DDR3 is quite superior.
    You choose in your bios what you will run the freq of the ram. Therefore you gotta know what freq ram you have bought.
    I own 1600mhz ram and i have it overclocked to 1704mhz.
    My ram timings came stock 9-9-9-24
    I changed it to 7-9-8-22
    I read if your overclocking very high u can change some things to make it more stable.
    Just google ram timing and overclocking u will find many articles heres one

    There are like 16 number fields in ram timings my 2nd number i couldn't change or it wouldent boot and its really advanced crap i barely understand. I only modded 2 numbers. There is ushally a setting in bios that say ram settings or timing or something
  11. Oh and you have 2000mhz ram id run it at 2000mhz and throw a fan on it.
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