$36 OCZ 600watt (42 amp) vs. CORSAIR $52 550watt (41 amp)

If I can get the OCZ OCZ600MXSP (600 watt / 42 amp combined on 12v) for $36.39 and the CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W (550 watt / 41 amp on single 12v) for $51.99 which would be the better deal? I know the Corsair is so highly rated but worth $15.60 more (43%)

Prices are using the cash back promotion and mail in rebates:
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    The Corsair actually has more useable 12V power since it is rated at 50C while the OCZ is at 25C.
  2. The Corsair would be better in the long run.
    If there some money problem then get the OCZ for sure but if you can afford the latter then go for it.
  3. Cool. I ordered teh Corsair. I didn't know they were rated at 50C vs. 25C. I've read about how power supplies "cheat" like that but didn't know where to find the spec at what temp they are rated. Thanks again.
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